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  1. D200 snow blower

    Not sure if thats for a D series or not
  2. What have you done on your WH today?

    Its sitting Dormant waiting on sum Fella in Florida
  3. What have you done on your WH today?

    I thought id share my evening with you all at Farmer Alex's home ( My Son ), He was having issues with the PTO Belt, so i ordered 1 with the help from the Moderator in Canada, Thank you Sir, I installed the Belt And Walla, The 60 inch finish mower came alive, Farmer Alex was very happy, isnt it nice to have Knowledge from Red Square Pros. I also shot some Fast Pics for all you to enjoy, the whole lower section of his home is storage & Shh, be very quiet, Wabbits & Horses sleepn, Here ya go my friends on the Square !
  4. Will a Kohler M10 work well in a 314-H?

    I have a Complete Kohler Single 14HP, not a Magnum, with Hydro pulley off a C145A, that would power it & some
  5. Locking a Axle

    LMAO, you got me there, I remember back in the day one tractor had a large switch on foot rest you could push with your heel locking the rear Not for a puller, was curious, i do have a 1100 eaton im saving for sons 516 when i get around to it, is there extensive Mods to switch rears ? Anyone ever try doing that, switching rears like Differentials ! LOL not the 2 legged rears on them 2 legged deer's One of the RS members said we can put parts from other makes of tractors on our ! Is that Real ?
  6. Locking a Axle

    Is there a way to Lock a Hi/Lo trans ? Id like to experiment the idea ! Anyone care to join in with your idea's
  7. D200 front pto belt

    Belt 103084, i will check ebay now, im sure you guys know others on here that sell them too, Figuring out all the bugs on the D is fun in my book
  8. D200 front pto belt

    Ok thankyou My son said when he adjusts that bolt the belt doesnt get tight, maybe its the wrong belt, i will check the down load you sent me & look for a belt number, thanks again
  9. D200 front pto belt

    Does anyone know how to adjust the front belt for PTO om my son's D200 ? I asked a few local Red Square members who own 1 & they have no idea,
  10. Need right axle spindle for 414-8 or other that will fit

    I seen some on Ebay, if you have an account, if not send me your address, i'll ship you a pair, if you like , then you can send what you want in return, mine are off a C145, same as my 416-8. Let me know, Fred
  11. Searching for Kohler engine electrical plate

    On what Model ? I have a C145 in Pieces, got with a sale i purchased
  12. What have you done on your WH today?

    Those are 23x8.50-12 carlisle tires, 400.00 worth, never buy from a tire dealer, go ebay 1st, Show you the 23x10.50 12's when they get here on 7.5 inch rims, they'll go on the 516H, i put a Eaton 1100 on it, its a Ripper now, My son Loves it but his New D200 won his heart
  13. 520h

    Wheel Horse Ala King, Yum, checked my drawer's, Oop's
  14. 520h

    @roadapples Some day, BRF will own a 520H & i wiil boast a TaT on my Hat Stating it, Yes I'm Bad ;-( Red Neck Fred, come on Big Show
  15. 60 inch deck

    Do you think theirs a way to hang a 60 under a D200, or is it impossible ?