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  1. 73 - 77 B80 hub interchangeability? 4spd/8spd

    I will call Alex, see if we have Both pairs yet Birthday Boy. LOL Hey Eric, there's a B80 mint looking across river from me for 200, you want it
  2. Grand Daughters

    Funny, the oldest said Pop Pop do they make tiny tractors for Girls ? I'll have to get AMC to guide me on them Hahahaha OKay Richard, ill be black in 12 from now
  3. Grand Daughters

    Hey jim, id get my Brothers 3 Boys the Loudest toys i could find as they ran thru his house LOL, he would stare at me with that Your Dead Look hahahaha
  4. Grand Daughters

    Pop Pop LOL, Dub's hahahaha ill pay for that
  5. What have you done on your WH today?

    My Son Alex uses a Hay Wagon behind the 1054, he lives on a Side of a Mountain, hauls logs up to the Flat ground, he said he has fun cutting wood, dragging them up hill on wagon, cutting trails & his 2 German Shepard's & Alaskan Malamute running all over the Creation, what a Pic that is i bet, I said snap 1 pic off for all of us. No bear's go on his Land, That Malamute goes 200 plus and still a Pup
  6. Grand Daughters

    When i said i wasnt a Collector, im not, i have 1. But here's what i Wake for every day of my life ! I dont cost Money or Gifts, Just Heart, when they crawled up on Pop Pop i feel great inside, No Big Truck or Tractor makes me feel this Great inside ! I thought id share this Pic at my Sisters home last evening before hooking up my Plow
  7. You know the Drill Boys, Line up for a Birthday Kiss from the Red Square Queen ! Roadapples is still tasting it
  8. What have you done on your WH today?

    Now id show you Fella's what them Driver's put in my truck ! But i dont need kicked of the Square ! You all Love me to much ! I pulled up last nite to hook up plow & i thought who the hell is in my truck ? A Freaking Blow up Doll ! Sorry im already taken ! Now you see why BRF is a Mess, Truck Drivers LIKE ERIC IN MAINE
  9. What have you done on your WH today?

    Mines a Hot water bottle & Ben Gay
  10. 54" snow blade question

    Our D plow is the same, Rod on Top ? Cant provide a Pic, Farmer Alex isnt home
  11. The world of Big Red Fred

    The Woman stood over me at Breakfast at Bob Evans & said NO MAKING A AZZZZZ OUT ME AT BIG SHOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Head began pounding, a reminder of the Rolling Pin Incident ! Hey !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shed Find today, Free Horse
  12. Christmas Surprise

    R U All Ready boy's
  13. What have you done on your WH today?

    Hey ! Thats Big Red Fred & his Pony Mr Ed You Boy's gonna Need these Saturday
  14. The world of Big Red Fred

    You have that right Sarge, it isn't easy being a Mechanic any more, just home from Jersey, all new Computer program, wants to know your every move & Second, its time to move on to better pastures Farmer, it may be Vagissil too, makes me thro a great fast ball hahahaha