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  1. D160 repower?

    Firebug i have a 1974 d160 with a 16hp kohler single that I'm willing to part with. I'll send you my contact info in a pm.
  2. First post first mower

    I used to cut 2 1/2 acres almost every weekend during the summers at my grand mom's with a 312-8 back in the day. A great tractor it is and for 500 not a bad deal.
  3. I currently mow with a 310-8 with a 42" deck. My tractor is equipped with 15x6x6 front and 22x7.5x12 rear tires. I just replaced the fronts locally and I'm wanting to do the rear tires. My shop only carries 23". Anybody think that extra half inch in the rear will affect anything? Not much is a available for 22" that I could find.
  4. Unfortunately guys I own the two strongest horses ever built my D160 with a kohler single 16hp and my 417-8 with a kohler twin (Love the sound of this twin ). The third strongest is my 310-8.
  5. Boys and suburban

    Ah the young riders, may they keep those horses running decades to come
  6. Wheel Horse Birthday Party

    Thats awesome, brings back very fond memories of my earliest rides with my grandparents wheel horses.
  7. About to purchase a D200

    I picked up my 74 d160 (16hp single) a few years ago with the snow plow. Considering all I do is plow snow and joy ride with it, I love it. Be patient and you will find attachments. A fellow red square member may help and keep an eye on ebay and craigslist. good luck.
  8. More Pics of My New Horse!!

    wow thats nice
  9. New Wheel Horse owner in MD.

    My 310-8 numbers TRACTOR-- 21-10K805 28318 ENGINE-- MODEL# M10S, SPEC# 461521, SERIAL# 1727510934 DECK-- 05-37SC01 82431 Lights need engine running to come on. I have electronic ignition correct?
  10. low rpm vibration

    I jumped the gun a little too early, my hood was shaking from the hinge pin being a little sloppy. I put on some 3/8 bolts with nylok nuts and washers. Now its nice and secure. my 417 hood is set up the same way. Anyway mechanically I checked all the bolts and removed the engine sheet metal to make sure everything is clean. Runs sweet.
  11. low rpm vibration

  12. low rpm vibration

    Hi all I just picked up a 1988 310-8 in nice condition. I just noticed that it vibrates pretty bad at about 1/4 throttle. Above that runs smooth including deck engagement. Im going to check motor mount bolts etc, Any ideas? thanks
  13. 417-8

    I bought my 86 417 with a thousand hours on the meter, well maintained though. I cut the grass and tow the dump cart with it. Purchased a stage 1 snow thrower for it but the d160 is easier to grab since I keep it outside under a cover. Anyhow I love the 417 as you will too. Plenty of power with the twin and the electric lift is nice too.
  14. wow that horse looks wicked