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  1. I'm a newbie here. Just a Wheel Horse lover who grew up with one when my dad purchased a 665 when I was five years old and now have a Sole 520-H. I ran across an interesting auction and posted it in the classified section here in Red Square. Stupid me read the rules and regulations after posting and, well, it was flagged and pulled off the site for posting an auction in the classified section. My Bad... I'm waiting for the judgement and sentencing to be handed down to me by the Red Square officials. But in the meantime, anybody interested in attending a very interesting auction with over 80 Wheel Horse tractors up for grabs, it's coming Sept 15th and 16th. Multiples of just about every model made by Wheel Horse and Toro up for auction. A gentleman who was a MAJOR avid collector for many years has passed and the family has put his collection up for auction. There will be many implements, parts, whole tractors as well as partial tractor assemblies. There will me more than 300 garden tractors in all with brand names we all grew up with like Bolens, Simplicity, Cub Cadet, JD, Massey Ferguson, Ford, Allis Chalmers, Case, Troy Built, Gravely and others as wells as some very rare tractors including a Pennsylvania Meteor. For the record, I'm not connected to this auction in any way, shape or form. I'm just a Wheel Horse lover trying to help other Wheel Horse lovers with a really nice tip. I will post more on the subject later. Maybe, we should all get together and ask Red Square to grant permission to post Auctions. Maybe there's a place to do this that I'm not aware of. ( Remember in the beginning, I did divulge that I was a newbie here.) If somebody will tell me where I can post it here on Red Square legally without getting into trouble, I will. Thanks and what a way for me to start off here in Red Square.
  2. Felony Green

    Ouch. After seeing this, there's a bell you can't unring!!
  3. Interesting Auction in Virginia, September 16

    Hello horse lovers, heads up to all. HUGE, HUGE, HUGE garden tractor auction in PA September 15th,16th. Over 300 in all with more than 80 Wheel Horse tractors. Many with implements such as mowers, snow blowers, sickle bar mowers, generators, plows and so on. One D-200 has a rare back hoe. RJ's, Raiders, GT-14's, you name it, chances are, it's probable there up for auction. There are also many rare tractors such as Pennsylvania Meteor, Allis Charmers, Baron, Speedex, Simplicity, Bolens, JD, Gravely, and MANY MANY more. All the good ones we remember growing up with as a kid. The actual action location has not been announced as of yet but the general area will be in Xion PA. Auctioneer is Raines Auctions. Web address is rainesauctions.net Phone Number 540-775-3880. This will be the auction to start your Wheel Horse collection or expand the collection already in progress. Auction Information Auctioneer Raines Auctions 540-775-3880 Auction Date Sep 15 Auction Location To be announced Xion Crossroads, VA Click to Map Time 09:00AM Auctioneer's Other Listings E-mail Auctioneer Auctioneer's Web Site View Full Photo Gallery Raines MEGA Farm & Yard Tractor Auction Raines MEGA Farm & Yard Tractor Auction Raines MEGA Farm & Yard Tractor Auction Raines MEGA Farm & Yard Tractor Auction