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  1. Grandpa's 753

    Installed the new gaskets on very clean carb. No luckin getting it started tonight. The spark plug was dry after cranking it. The gravity feed tank setup gramps had must not be working. Im havent looked into cleaning or adjusting points. There is a stong blue spark from the plug. Air comes out plug hole and exaust so it must have some compression, right? The electriclal he did is quite the job too upon further inspection. To the left of the kill button on the consol theres a 3 position pull knob that feels like its for headlights? I dont see in other pictures of 753s. I really like this old tractor so im just going to keep trouble shooting and fixing things as i can. Thanks for any input.
  2. Grandpa's 753

    Finally got my carb rebuild kit in the mail. Waiting for parts is torture! Heading out to the shop tonight. I'll be sure to update on my progress.
  3. Grandpa's 753

    I forgot to mention theres a blade out back that looks like it hooks to the wheel horse! Living in Michigan it would be super fun to clear snow with! I'd assume it leaked. The whole 2 part tank or whatnot. I cleaned the fuel system and have a small inline filter I'll install when I'm putting it back together.
  4. Grandpa's 753

    Here's what I know. It doesn't run, haha. The carb was disgusting so im cleaning that up and ordered a carb rebuild kit for the k161. Spark plug sparked and looked clean enough. Spayed some starting fluid in and it made a couple loud bangs but no attempt to run on it's own. Any advise, suggestions, or questions for me now that i have a few more pictures?
  5. Grandpa's 753

    From the picture with id plate looks like paint overspray. I think the original red can be seen underneath.
  6. Hello everyone! I recently inherited my grandpa's Wheel Horse 753. I remember it running before his health declined about 15 years ago. My intentions are just to get it running and do a mild restoration, it'll stay in the family. Without further ado, here it is! Having a hard time with pictures due to no phone service at my shop. I'll be sure to update soon.