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  1. Is this a wheel horse snow blade?

    Thanks for confirming my suspicions. I'll have to see if I can figure out how it had been attached - if it even went with this tractor. The son was selling his father's estate and had already sold a JD and an MTD. I have been keeping an eye on Craigslist for a blade and frame like 953nut posted. What is a good price in the Chicago area?
  2. I bought this Wheel Horse 1056 this past spring and it came with this blade. I have searched the forums and the web, but I can't find a wheel horse blade with the same attachment. Is it a wheel horse blade? If it is, how does it attach to the tractor? The blade is 40" wide and about 14" tall. The bar coming of the back of the blade towards the attachment point is 16" long. The arms with the cross brace are 12" and the other two are 16 1/2". Here is the 1056