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  1. Got it! The ammeter had shorted. I found a melted connector plugged in, cleaned it up and still no go. I bypassed the gauge and everything now works. Thanks for the help guys, I appreciate it!
  2. Sorry, didn't know what a PTO was, and I'm not quite sure what year, I will see if I can find it next time I'm over there. The PTO is the shaft coming out of the engine to drive accessories? In my case, the clutch for the mower deck? I see no switch there, must have been eliminated as well. With this information from you guys, my next step should be checking the terminals on the ignition switch I'd guess. So it should be as simple as battery voltage to the "B" post, and when the switch is turned on, it provides continuity to the "I" post, which goes straight to the coil in my case, since I have no switch.
  3. K, will check/clean all connections that I can. The safety switches were all bypassed.
  4. Hey guys, been studying wiring diagrams to fight this problem I'm having. My father passed away and I'm trying to keep his two wheelhorses running strong, but this is my first experience working on them. It's a C-160 automatic. When it's cold, it starts just fine, then shuts down after about 10 or 15 minutes, no spark. I've swapped the coil, condenser, plug, and point. Still no go, so I got out a test light and started poking around. I'm getting no voltage at the coil post. I can jump a wire from the battery to the post and all is good. So do I have a stator problem or a regulator problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated. -Mike