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    1973 18 automatic,1982 c-195,1985 314a,1992 520h
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    fishing,camping,tinkering in the garage,made parts for wheel horses for almost 30 years. when wheel horse left south bend that pretty much put a end to that job.
  1. 54" snow blade question

    I just looked at your pictures from another post and noticed that your pivid rod is backwards the bend in the rod should be on the plow end of tractor and yours is on the tractor end flip it and you should be ok
  2. 54" snow blade question

    i have the same 54'' blade with the 4 springs these are d series blades & were used on the c-195 mine is mounted as yours is with the hole towards the top of quaderent the pivit rod should have a bend in it to clear the spring
  3. Need Advice on new tractor buy

    As with anything you can ask 10 people & get 10 different answers its like comparing chevys,fords & others.The 520's are great tractors but they will cost you more to operate than the single cylinder kohlers and parts are more expensive for the onans than the kohlers.I love my hydros but if your going to do serious ground work a 8 speed might better serve your needs. your best bet is to have at least one of each!
  4. WH Abuse on Fast 'n Loud Last Night

    My wife calls these shows mens soap opera's.she may have a valid point!
  5. 44" Snowblower Part Question

    part 31 is the anti sway bracket it helps with keeping the blower more rigid to the tractor
  6. 7-1261 tiller wanted

    Welcome to redsquare, my folks used to have a cabin just north of you on north star lake in marcell!
  7. 314-a

    i have the same tractor its my summer machine 48" deck with vac bagger. 1985, 21-14ke01 is the correct model # . been a pretty trouble free unit for the last 10 years for me the weak link is the eaton 700 trans but so far no problems!
  8. 520H Lift Cylinder

    Yeah my 520 has the same issue even a slightly heated garage it takes a min or two, has anyone tried a lower vis oil (0w20 or 5w20) with any success?. its only purpose in life is to push the two stage around in winter. i already have mobil one 10w30 in it
  9. Wanted Bagger 520-H

    the part # for the vac bagger is 07-4xvco1 this will work on 42 & 48 decks though they do require a few different parts depending on the deck. i picked mine up a couple years ago for a couple hundred. does a great job!
  10. Kohler K Engine Weights?

    I tryed to lift out the k482 out of the 18 automatic. kept looking for the bolt i must have missed, no all bolts were out. getting old is not for sissy's !!
  11. Deck off-set to side?

    The black on the left of the deck is apparently the weight? never seen one before is it a WH item?

    there is a large bolt holding flywheel to the crankshaft. you will need a puller to get it off i have used a harmonic balancer puller to take them off be carefull to not damage threads in the crank!

    your probably going to pull the motor to change flywheel, just not enough room in there to get a puller in there without.
  14. What is this?

    I believe its a welch plug for the gov shaft u should be able to clean it off and seal it with a sealer