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  1. Thanks Bob it is nice to have such supporting pepole on this site. Sharing information helps us all.



      I'm just happy i can help. I learned everything I know from this sit.

  2. I thought I drop a note may help someone else. My 312-A on starting issue found finally found safety switch to pto starting side was bad not supplying power to relay. Replaced starts like a charm every time. In process of painting it from top to bottom. Thanks to all that helped with electrical issue on starting.
  3. 312-A electrical

    I have a 1986 312-A # 21-12KE01 wheel horse having electrical issues starting with key. It will start jumping solenoid and runs good just mowed grass this morning and did well, and cuts off by key. I have replaced key switch solenoid and regulator. The oil safety switch is jumped out, but when I take jumper off regulator doesn't click anymore. I have found wire coming from regulator to solenoid when trying to start doesn't have voltage going to it. When using a test light trying to start it just barely gives a glow other side of plug going to regulator has voltage. I am not a electrical person just trying to get this 312 back to where it needs to be. I have at my other house is a C101 best wheel horse I have ever own no issues of course doesn't have the electrical this one has.
  4. Want start by key

    It is a 1986 312-A # 21-12KE01 I also have a C101 that has been best I have ever own.
  5. Want start by key

    I have replaced key switch relay and solenoid and get nothing. I found oil safety switch was bad so I jumped it I check oil always befoRe starting. Since I have done this I get relay the relay to click. It will start by jumping lugs on solenoid and cut off by key. I also found someone already had jump neutral switch out and I know seat switch works.could starting side of pto switch be bad and how can I check.
  6. 312-8 issues

    I have a 312-A wheel horse I replaced key switch solenoid and relay still want start by key can start buy jumping lugs on solenoid what could keep me from starting with key. I also jump oil switch it was bad I check oil each time I use it. Some one already jump safety switch to to brake. I know seat switch works. Could pto switch to starting side be bad and how can I check.
  7. I have replaced switch and solenoid to starter no power to starter. Power to 15 amp fuse but no power to 5 amp fuse can some help on what the problem may be.