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  1. 516h followed me home

    Looks real nice good catch.
  2. My Restored 101C

    Thanks to all it is my second one I have restored. This 101 is my favorite. I did a 312-A and my neighbor at the lake wanted it so I sold it. Funny he mowed grass with it come over and gave me cash. Here is the 312-A. Thanks to all
  3. My Restored 101C

    I spent some time during off season and restored the old girl she will out last me. I have a 416-8 and I love this one. I don't see many around well not here in Va.
  4. I too am working on a C101 to give to my Daughters new home 60 miles away. Is that  clutch safety switch still available? I have to depress clutch, turn ignition key, and search for the sweet spot with my foot untill it turns over. 42"swiss cheeze rear discharge deck. Thanx, Mike 

    new rubber 1.JPG

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    2. lastoja


      This is what it looked like after grass mowing stopped.


    3. 1940willys


      Thanx, for your reply! You don't see many of this model on this site from what I've viewed. I've been working real hard on the 'swiss cheeze' deck. It's a REAL shame people leave these things sit outside, water collecting on the tops, rusting out all the indents where the water sets!  My42 Rear Discharge issue is where the 'L' brackets mount to the top of the deck. I've made some (4) 3'x4' plates to go under the deck with longer carriage bolts. Gonna sandwich the deck between these plates and 'L' brackets. Does the underside of your deck have the 'Dividers I'll call them between the two end blades and center blade? Mine were just remnents of what was there, so I tore them out. I see your replacement wheels are solid nylon. I bought those for this deck too, along with the three roller wheels on the front. I also own a B 80  with a 36? rear discharge. Got them nylon wheels on that and there going strong for 6 years 


    4. lastoja


      Just finished little things ready for grass cutting now. I also have a 416 8 89 model and had a 312-A  86 model but my buddy at the lake wanted it more so I sold it. My deck on 101 C was a side discharge I had to repair the metal by adjustment lever for height and two other places. Yes indeed why people leave out in rain. Mind also took a while but she looks new now. My deck is a 42".



  5. Wow looks real nice. Will post my C101 when finished.
  6. I am restoring a C101 got decals and have seen one with the C101 towards operator and old one was towards front of cowl. Which one is correct? Thanks
  7. Thank You Very Much.
  8. Does anybody have a phone number where I can by decals for my C101 Wheel Horse. Many Thanks
  9. Thanks Bob it is nice to have such supporting pepole on this site. Sharing information helps us all.



      I'm just happy i can help. I learned everything I know from this sit.

  10. I thought I drop a note may help someone else. My 312-A on starting issue found finally found safety switch to pto starting side was bad not supplying power to relay. Replaced starts like a charm every time. In process of painting it from top to bottom. Thanks to all that helped with electrical issue on starting.
  11. 312-A electrical

    I have a 1986 312-A # 21-12KE01 wheel horse having electrical issues starting with key. It will start jumping solenoid and runs good just mowed grass this morning and did well, and cuts off by key. I have replaced key switch solenoid and regulator. The oil safety switch is jumped out, but when I take jumper off regulator doesn't click anymore. I have found wire coming from regulator to solenoid when trying to start doesn't have voltage going to it. When using a test light trying to start it just barely gives a glow other side of plug going to regulator has voltage. I am not a electrical person just trying to get this 312 back to where it needs to be. I have at my other house is a C101 best wheel horse I have ever own no issues of course doesn't have the electrical this one has.
  12. Want start by key

    It is a 1986 312-A # 21-12KE01 I also have a C101 that has been best I have ever own.
  13. Want start by key

    I have replaced key switch relay and solenoid and get nothing. I found oil safety switch was bad so I jumped it I check oil always befoRe starting. Since I have done this I get relay the relay to click. It will start by jumping lugs on solenoid and cut off by key. I also found someone already had jump neutral switch out and I know seat switch works.could starting side of pto switch be bad and how can I check.
  14. 312-8 issues

    I have a 312-A wheel horse I replaced key switch solenoid and relay still want start by key can start buy jumping lugs on solenoid what could keep me from starting with key. I also jump oil switch it was bad I check oil each time I use it. Some one already jump safety switch to to brake. I know seat switch works. Could pto switch to starting side be bad and how can I check.
  15. I have replaced switch and solenoid to starter no power to starter. Power to 15 amp fuse but no power to 5 amp fuse can some help on what the problem may be.