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  1. are loaded and heading out to Scott's Meet and Greet 1958 RJ, 1964 1054 and 1967 Lawn Ranger Lane, David and Clifton Ralph
  2. wheel horse or work horse

    Here is a photo of our 1054 Work Horse tractor: :thumbs2:
  3. 1054 rebuild

    Martin: I am at my parents in Gary today. David and I were just looking at your posted progress report on the 1054 from this weekend. Really looking good. Looks like you changed every bolt! Did you rebuild the throttle and choke cable handles? Looks like they have new bolts and parts on them. I am getting ready to build two new cables for a 1054 soon too. What type of materaisl did you use on the foot rests? :hide:
  4. travlndave

    Updated Photo
  5. Super Horse photo

    From the 2009 Winamac, Indiana Power Show. A five engine Super Horse! This tractor was made by a man that use to sell steel to Wheel Horse. He used five new Briggs and Stratton motors and ran them off of a shaft drive. :banghead:
  6. travlndave

    http://i728.photobucket.com/albums/ww284/L...nger104/jpg.jpg :banghead:
  7. New guy

    You always learn more about the Wheel Horses from the ones that don't run! Welcome to Red Square Lots of gret help here! :notworthy:
  8. Fun Fall Day

    Great Wheel Horse Fall pictures!
  9. Hammerhead's Wheel Horses

    Looks like you need to have your own show! You sure have the equipment to get the parking lot mowed for the Red Square members! :notworthy: