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    Hey guys, sorry about not getting back to you guys been really busy with work. I got the old girl running though. I can't thank you guys enough!
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    This definitely sounds like the best way to go. I think I'll order one now.
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    That is one heck of a transformation! Nice work man. I will let you guys know as soon as I get some parts.
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    I'm trying to be a sponge because I don't know anything about these old tractors, but I love the look and nostalgia that comes with them. I would love to restore this tractor and let my daughter pull it at the fairs.
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    10-4 I will give that a try
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    I did I closed that valve and then removed the hose and the cracked that back open to drain the tank and it did drain. Not that fast but I'm not sure how fast it's suppose to come out of their.
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    i cant thank you guys enough. the wife is going to pick up some parts for me tomorrow and then i will check in as soon as i get her all back together. I pulled that hose out of the bottom of the carb and cranked it over, i didnt get any fuel coming out of the line so i might just pick up a new pump, then its one less thing to worry about. the tractor wasn't maintained as well as it should have been. Ill get it back into shape. thanks again.
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    I had the carb off after it wouldn't start to clean it, but I didn't let it soak or anything. I just went out and took the carb off and there is no fuel in the bowl and there was no fuel that spilled out when I disconnected the fuel line from the carb. Im thinking the carb rebuild won't hurt regardless but will that I'm wondering if that pump is bad as well. Yes I have been using ethanol fuel. And I pulled the hose off so I'll be replacing the hose as well, just wondering if I should order a pump while I'm there Also where do you guys get your parts, do you order them offline or right through the toro dealer?
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    I've never worked on any small engines before but I can turn a wrench, do I just get an inline filter? And should the fuel pump be replaced or no?
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    Thanks for the quick replies. I figured a fuel tank flush wouldn't be a bad thing. I will order that kit and start cranking away. Thanks for the help.
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    Hey everyone me and my wife just bought our house in January and her father gave us his old too. It's a 93 312-8. He bought it brand new but it hasn't been used much the last few years. I had it running all winter, using the snowblower Wich worked awesome until the chain broke. Now i took the blower off and was getting it read for the mower deck and it won't start. It just cranks and cranks. From what I've read online it sounds like the carb needs to be rebuilt. The last time it ran I was constantly adjusting the choke. Just want to make sure that's what I need before I start throwing money at it. I would love to get it back into good shape and running right. It has the 12 horse Kohler, any help would be grateful. Thanks!