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  1. 416H blowing fuses

    I made a mistake. It is a 416H, not a 520H. Took a quick look at it today. Didn't see any bad wires in the open. Cleaned up the seat switch connection. I need to put it on the jack and check under the body panels more. It was full of debris so we blew it out the best we could around the transaxle. I want to take it home and give it some well deserved tlc. It's kinda rough. Pics in the original post.
  2. 416H blowing fuses

    I'll check that too. Thanks.
  3. 416H blowing fuses

    I'm not quite sure which it is, but I think it is the 25. I kinda remember them putting a 30 in it's place. I'll get that guide and probably go look at it this weekend.
  4. 416H blowing fuses

    Local game club that I belong to has a 416H that keeps blowing fuses during operation. It will run/mow for a while and then the 25 amp fuse will blow and the tractor dies. The problem started last year and we cleaned up a bunch of electrical connections which seemed to take care of the problem for the year. Today I just learned that it's happening again. What do I need to look at to remedy this issue.
  5. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Put the new motion lever knob on my 246H. It's an M67 frag grenade, inert of course. Just a little custom touch.
  6. Wheel Horse 244H Parting Out

    I have a 244H that I am parting out. Right now I have the rear fender and seat available. Both are in good shape. Rear fender has a couple small spots where the paint bubbled a bit, but not rusted through. Seat has the safety switch in it, haven't checked to see if it still works, but I will soon. These should fit many of the other late 80s/early 90s 200 series tractors. Local pickup only at this time. $75 each, or $125 if you take them both. Will have more parts available as I disassemble the the tractor. Inquiries are welcome, however I am keeping the transaxle and front axle and a few other smalls for spares to my 246H.
  7. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    I installed the ever-important beer holder on the 246H today. It's one of those fancy self leveling ram mount holders. Also got a new motion lever knob on the way for it. I'll keep you in suspense and not say what it is. Lol.
  8. For reference, this is an early 90s 38 inch side discharge. 05-38SS01 model. I have a manual on the PC for it but any input is appreciated.
  9. I'm trying to salvage the spindles from my old deck before I toss it to the road. I tried using a puller I have to remove the pulley from one and bent the pulley in the process. What's the best way to get these pulleys off so I can take the spindles off the deck? EDIT: We cut the deck to get the assemblies out, still need to know how to get the pulleys off the shafts.
  10. Where to buy tires?

    I found good prices for my Carlisle turf tires on Amazon. Might try there for what you want too.
  11. Now that's kinda neat. I have the lower profile Briggs oil filter on there now, would have to get a little bit longer filter. Looking at the Frame XG3614, which I think is what I saw on yours in one of the pictures.
  12. Wheel Horse 246-H Update

    Here's a close up.
  13. 246-H clutch issues

    Xtreme Outdoor Power Equipment. Worth every penny.
  14. Wheel Horse 246-H Update

    Added the fabric ourselves. Mainly on the fuel lines. The only wires there are the voltage regulator wires and pto clutch wire.