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  1. GT2500 Seat Hardware Substitutes

    I'm not sure if that would be the correct setup for the 2500. It may well be though.
  2. GT2500 Seat Hardware Substitutes

    Anybody have any ideas?
  3. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Lol, that was just to get the pulley off, and one is plastic.
  4. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Puttered with my non-running GT2500 for a few minutes today. Working on getting the engine ready to pull so I can open it up and investigate why it won't turn all the way over. Flywheel, starter and carb need to come off and then I can wash all the gunk off and pull it.
  5. Tireject tire sealant

    I don't mind spending the money for a quality product.
  6. Tireject tire sealant

    You can order right through tireject.com as well.
  7. Tireject tire sealant

    This is the lawnmower flat tire prevention kit. 30oz of sealer, injector with core tool and 4 valve caps for $42.99 on Amazon.
  8. Tireject tire sealant

    Liquid stays good in the tire for 24 months or so to seal punctures and leaks. Once it seals something, it's permanent.
  9. Tireject tire sealant

    It's way better than the green slime.
  10. Tireject tire sealant

    This stuff cleans up with water.
  11. Tireject tire sealant

    I had a little blunder with my 246 last weekend that caused a small bead leak in the front left tire. Not wanting to deal with pulling it off and running to the Walmart tire lube to get it fixed, I ordered some tireject which I had been planning to do for some time now. I did both front tires today and it seems to work quite well. It plugged the leak and will prevent any other leaks by instantly plugging them when they happen. It's a little pricey, but I think well worth it for the added protection. Comes in different size kits depending on application.
  12. I'm looking for any good substitutes for the obsolete seat mounting hardware for the GT2500. Original part numbers as follows: 108547 Push Nut, 517809 Spring, 108787 Rubber Grommet. I'm trying to get the tractor as close to original as possible, though I know that a lot of original parts are long since obsolete. I appreciate all suggestions.
  13. Good Wheel Horse showing at CNY Farm Progress Show

    You're welcome. How far away are you?
  14. Went to the CNY Farm Progress Show in Mohawk, NY today. There were a lot of nice Wheel Horse pullers there.
  15. PTO Clutch Assembly Questions

    Thanks for the info. Shoot me a pm and we can talk price and shipping on the one you were gonna pull off for me.