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  1. 246-H Voltage Regulator Question

    A little longer. I made sure the main ground was nice and clean too. I watched some videos on installing those clutches, very particular method of doing it.
  2. 246-H Voltage Regulator Question

    Put the new regulator in today. Good to go now. Nice even 14 volts while running. Didn't want to take a chance on blowing the battery up from overcharging.
  3. Wheel Horse 246-H Update

    Yea, quite an impressive little power plant.
  4. Wheel Horse 246-H Update

    Thanks. I got all the manuals back in May when I got the tractor. That should be 16hp, not 18hp
  5. I was doing some reading on the Extreme Power Equipment performance PTO clutches, and they require 13.4 to 14 volts. I checked my voltage output at the battery while the engine is running and I get 16 volts at just above half throttle and a bit over 17 volts at full throttle. Is this an issue with the voltage regulator or something else? I want to make sure that I have the proper voltage output so I don't fry the new clutch when I get it in the spring.
  6. Wheel Horse 246-H Update

    I've been mowing most of the season with this rig and it's been a great little tractor. New belts, spark plugs, oil/filter, air filter, led headlights and assorted deck parts were installed. I cleaned all the debris that was packed around the cylinder heads. About a month ago I found a 244-H parts rig and it had the right size deck to replace my ratty one. A little bit newer model deck, but it fits. Had to weld up a few cracks on it, a little fresh paint and transfer the new parts from the old deck to the new one. I just tested it out and it's perfect. Could not be happier. I'll be finishing out the season with it in its current shape. Next spring I'll be getting new tires and a new pto clutch for it
  7. Looking for some input on the difficulty of changing the trans drive belt on my 246H. I'm planning on doing it in the next 2 weeks. It seems pretty straight forward but I want to make sure I don't mess anything up. Also going to change out the transmission cooling fan and would like to know if there is a certain way to go about that as well.
  8. Joined the Wheel Horse club yesterday

    Got the deck fixed up decent enough and reinstalled it. Seems to cut fairly well. I'll be looking for either a new deck pan to rebuild this one on eventually or a slightly larger 42 inch deck for this rig. I put a post up in the classifieds for that. I like this little wheel horse quite a bit.
  9. Is there a service manual available for this engine. Model number is 303777-0412-01. Also, how hard is it to replace a head gasket on it? Got some oil leakage around the left cylinder head, thinking the gasket is the issue.
  10. 38" Deck on Wheel Horse 246H

    Probably should have checked those earlier. I just went by the diagram on the toro parts store site. Thanks.
  11. Joined the Wheel Horse club yesterday

    I pulled the deck off today. I'll be tinkering with things this week and the weekend. Need to adjust the PTO clutch on it and clean the underside. Also going to clean all the zerk fittings and give it a good greasing. Then I'll fiddle with the deck adjustments to set it where I need it.
  12. 38" Deck on Wheel Horse 246H

    Is there supposed to be a bushing in the left rear lift slot like there is in the right rear. Picture for reference.
  13. Joined the Wheel Horse club yesterday

    Thank You.
  14. Joined the Wheel Horse club yesterday

    I appreciate all the welcomes. The model is 4216BE01. Serial 2000142.
  15. 38" Deck on Wheel Horse 246H

    Thank you very much.