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  1. c-195 for sale

    I want to thank everyone for there remarks and help. This horse is on its way to Tennessee.
  2. c-195 for sale

    Changed Status to Closed Understand.... time is one thing I have plenty of. I once drove nearly 2200 miles round trip for a motorcycle. I want to thank everyone for there remarks and help. This horse is on its way to Tennessee.
  3. c-195 for sale

    Changed Status to Pending
  4. c-195 for sale

    Changed Price to $ 600.00
  5. C 145 buy or pass

    I can get a good running c145 for $350 and snow blower attachment for $100 for a total of $450 what do you think.
  6. C195 Sell or part it out

    Yes I understand. I just got it a few years ago,and did what I could. I could have cleaned it up and made it look ALOT better,but I didn't want someone thinking they were getting a prized steer just to find out it was a pig with makeup!
  7. c-195 for sale

    My number is listed as a contact,just letting everyone know that I do not get text so calls only. Thank you.
  8. C195 Sell or part it out

    I have posted this in the classifieds. again thank you all.
  9. c-195 for sale

    i am selling my c-195 wheel horse.has the twin kohler 19 in it. I was mowing when i heard a sqeuling noise,I shut her down right away. It will not turn over on its own now.the motor will turn over by hand but is real stiff. This makes me think it may have spung a bearing but i DO NOT know for sure. I can not stress enough that i DO NOT know the condition of the motor.Now that i have that out of the way. the mower has a 60" deck new blades and bearings spring of 2016. tires are weather check but do hold air. Filter for the transmission is on the left side. It has hydrolic lines that run down the left side to the front,I was told these were for a snow blower. The price i am asking is $600 OBO will also concider a trade for another good running mower with at least a 50" deck. If you have any qeustions feel free to contact me.
  10. C195 Sell or part it out

    Thanks for all the info. I will be getting pictures and posting in the classifieds asap.
  11. C195 Sell or part it out

    Ok so selling it whole should I ask for offers or set a price? The only mower I have seen sold like this one around my sold for $400 and it was missing the hood ,seat, deck and had 4 flats.which I thought was ALOT! If I set a price what should I ask? Sorry for all the questions but like I said I am not as well versed on these as most are.
  12. C195 Sell or part it out

    Yes I understand there hard to get. I love the nostalgia of mowing on an old mower,but my knowledge on these is slim and to be honest it seems like every week I have to (tweak) something just to mow and with it already taking 2 1/2 hours.....tweaking just isn't something i have time for.
  13. C195 Sell or part it out

    I have a c195 the motor just went bad. I'm trying to decide if I should just sell it whole or part it out.I have the room to part it out just don't want to spend months parting it out,what does everyone think?
  14. I have a C-195 with a 60" deck that I am planning on selling. What particulars do i need to know before selling.