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  1. Your collection and my 701 is literally a dream
  2. What do I have

    Correct ! I’ve been on since 2005/6 and been on full time since the end of 08
  3. Just curious as to what everyone would love to own or feels is though is the best small, medium and large tractor I'm still putting thought into mine… but I will chime in for sure!
  4. What do I have

    My 8 is getting a fresh K181 S the Rj has a k90 and is getting close ...the 701 is getting there also
  5. What do I have

    Thanks ...I have learned a lot and have a stable of four ...this Noname 8 ,a 701ive been working on a Ranger 800 that’s morphing into a racing rig and a 1955 RJthat is 90% restored !!
  6. What do I have

    Love it love the back story’s of this brand ...I read the book a while back ... thinking I need to re read it ! Thanks
  7. What do I have

    Thank you !
  8. What do I have

    I know there’s a ton of information and this is the best forum I’ve ever been a part of ..I hear “no name 8” but where can I find info or parts it does have a K181 s on it thanks in advance