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  1. Charger 12

    Lol thanks guys for the welcomes! @formariz I suspected the same. If I bump it into reverse it stops fine. It engages forward and reverse fine. Spins the tires when parked against something solid. I don't care for hydrostat but this one seems to be awfully solid other than not wanting to stop. My friends gt14 stops rather quick when u put it in neutral. That is why I am concerned lol
  2. Charger 12

    @wholdguy I also use,the brake pedal to,shift to neutral with the same result. Thanks for your help it is,appreciated
  3. Charger 12

    Thanks for the quick replies fellas. It does coast to a stop. Eventually lol. Grass isn't too bad but it's scary how far it will roll at full speed to neutral on pavement. Plus or minus ten feet. Is that within the normal range?
  4. Charger 12

    Hey all. I'm having trouble finding information for a problem I'm having. I just got my charger 12 running again. (Engine swap) and after driving it around some this week I have no brakes. Don't know what it was like before as I bought it with a blown engine. But shouldnt it stop when you shift it to neutral? Thanks!
  5. Gt14 deck lift

    Steve, No the one my friend bought came from avilla, just north of fort wayne
  6. Gt14 deck lift

    Thanks for all the replies guys. I have read the manuals and looked at many pictures online last night trying to sort it out. Ztnoo, that is exactly the kind of answer I was hoping for. With the absence of a jack shaft at the rear of the deck on his gt14 I could find nothing in the brackets for the deck that would tie the rear to the front, hence the rear wheels always staying down. His deck need some work, but we were just trying there make sure everything was in order before he tore it apart to patch the deck. Thanks all for your help. Guess I was over thinking it since my three horses are all manual lift
  7. HI all! New member here so bear with me please! I know my 70 raider, 70 charger, and 85 416-8 in and out. But my friend bought a gt14 today and we can't figure out why the rear end of the deck isn't lifting with the hydro lift. Front lifts fine but rear wheels of deck stay on the ground. Any ideas? Thanks!