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  1. drive spindle housing

    Thanks to everyone who replied. Found some parts on partstree.com and others on NPW parts. Thanks again to all those who responded. This site is fantastic and so are the members.
  2. drive spindle housing

    Hi everyone I'm looking for the center/drive spindle assembly with double pulley for my 1985 36" rear discharge wh mower deck. The only #'s I have are off the mower deck. 85-6MR01-08150 8038. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. 87 312-8 clutch brake

    Thanks Steveasarus will check that out Mon. or Tues.
  4. When depressing clutch brake at times will bind and not go down. Either pushing down on it real hard will free it up or throwing it into neutral so I don't crash helps. I took off the rear seat and fender assembly, blew out everything thinking the linkage may be jamming up by a stone or branch. Nothing obvious, trans fluid looked good also. I will be removing the seat and fender again because it's still happening. Just trying to eliminate internal or external. Thanks any help is greatly appreciated.
  5. Stuck pulley - don't want to bust it

    Looks like you have a lot of good info. Double set screw are a good possibility, clean the shaft in front of the pulley real good and spray with Kroil or WD-40. Apply heat to the pulley not to close to shaft and get it red hot all the way around should come off also after you get it red hot throw cold or luke warm water on it, a little thermal shock may break it loose, i don't think any of those parts are cast iron. Perserver you'll get it.