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  1. The time has come.

    Haven't noticed this one before, but we will say a special prayer for you and wish you a speedy recovery along with the others.
  2. Sears FF20

    Nice score. Also
  3. I need non Wheel Horse Advice

    I despise Briggs & Stratton Engines. I have never had one which I felt like gave dependable service for its cost & refuse to buy anything with a B & S engine any more. Considering what fell out, may only be the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, and an engine swap is most likely going to be the cheaper option to trying to rebuild the engine you have. That is probably not what you were hoping for. Checking the yellow pages in your locale and making phone calls might very well locate a suitable engine on a mower with other problems, rusted out deck, bad transmission, etc which could be obtained at a reasonable cost. Best of luck with completing your project.
  4. What wheel weights are these?

    Where you ever able to determine what make of wheel weights you have? Inquiring minds you know......
  5. I put the shredder plate over the discharge shoot when I think I have finished with mowing grass and then shred (mulch) our leaves. The mulched/shredded leaves are swept up and scattered/distributed about the garden plot to decompose as organic matter. (I also do the same thing with our grass clippings most of the time.) When I can, I till the organic material into the soil to increase the speed of decomposition.
  6. What wheel weights are these?

    I believe they are older than any of the other guesses? They look just like the wheel weight on my David Bradley two wheel walking tractor. Looks can be deceptive I realize, but they are so similar in looks, David Bradley is going to be my guess, especially if they are for a fifteen inch rim.
  7. It is not a Wheel Horse But it is in the Toro Family.

    Great looking rear engine riding mower, Retired Wrencher.
  8. Added a new (to me) Horse to the Stable

    I'll have to try and see how the photo process works.
  9. Added a new (to me) Horse to the Stable

    Thanks Gary. It is the 50th Anniversary Model (with the gold colored hood ornament) 1996 Model.
  10. I discovered a 314/8 Wheel Horse advertised for sale recently. After a couple of days testing back & forth, I went and picked it up close to noon and returned with it a little while ago. Don't know the year of manufacture, but it is a Model 73402, Serial # 6901218. It came with a 42 inch Side Discharge Mower, Model # 78345 (same as my 312/8's mower), with a serial # 5902910 (an increase of 273, from the 312/8's mowers serial number). The 312/8 is a 1995 model, so I am guessing this one is a 1995 or 1996 model itself. It shows 492.6 hours, and if unaltered, the engine is barely broken in at this point in time. That's less than 25 hours a year, hardly believable, if I am guessing anywhere near correct on the year of production.
  11. Did I blow up my K532?

    If that B&S even runs, it is an amazing feat! B&S = Bull S*it in my opinion. I have never owned many, but the few I owned were a pure bucket of bolts, just JUNK and nothing more.

    A fantastic looking Single Front Wheel Drive for sure. Your son should be thrilled with his new Wheel Horse on his Birthday!
  13. 4. Tire Suppliers

    I have not ordered any tires for the Wheel Horses, since I can get them locally. We have a local outlet which is very reasonable on the size tires my C-141/8 & 312/8 wear. I also have an old David Bradley two wheel walking garden tractor that wears 6.70-15 cleated tractor tires and Miller Tire was the only source I found for that size with cleats (lugs), when the DB needed a new pair of tennis shoes.
  14. Catapiller with things on it.

    Very True!
  15. ACman, just give her a "Grant Note" and tell her to go shopping. If she is anything like my wife, you'll have a couple of hours, if not longer, to get the wagons safely arranged to appear they have been there forever.