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  1. Not Pretty but works

    Does anyone know where the "> Reveal hidden contents" came from or how to avoid it, or get ride of it, please let me know. I don't know where it came from or what I did for it to show up in my post! It certainly was not intentional.
  2. Not Pretty but works

    Functionality trumps looks any day of the week. But your set-up is not that shabby in the looks department. I'd say its a winner!
  3. Favorite hand tools/brands

    My first hand tools were S-K, and I also like Easco, but they both are rare down here today. They are probably my favorite brands, but if it is in the toolbox and it works when grabbed, it is my favorite at that moment! I also have some Craftsman, Powercraft (Wards) Penncraft (J.C. Penny's), Truecraft (Don't have a clue), Mac, Matco, Snap-on, Bonney, Wizzard (Western Auto), Williams, Husky (before they became a staple of Home they were better tools in my opinion), Ace (Ace Hardware), even have a couple of tools stamped Wheel Horse, Proto, Stanley, Rigid, Blackhawk, Armstrong, GearWrench, Crescent and I am sure I have others, forgotten long buried in the bottom of a tool box somewhere. Some I inherited don't even have a name and were supplied with equipment purchased. And there are a few cheap tools, purchased when something was needed at that moment. If the "cheapie's" didn't break, they ended up in the tool box too! Then there are the powertools, many with the same names, and some bearing other names like Porter Cable & Bosch and still many others, but the original topic said hand tools, so I am going to stop there.
  4. "Beast Covered In Mud"

    Teaching them early, how to play in the MUD!
  5. drive belt routing

    Boy Oh Boy, does that White belt stand out in a crowd! I haven't ever see one previously, but for illustration purposes, it sure makes a grand impression. A Maynard!
  6. Adjusting Clutch on 1995 312/8

    I purchased it used, at about five years of age, so it may have had the gas dampener originally, but it presently has the spring. To be clear, it came to me with the spring, regardless of what it left the factory with.
  7. Need help with price...

    How did the negotiations go? Did you get the tractor or not? Curious and all that!
  8. Adjusting Clutch on 1995 312/8

    Duh! I don't know where my mind was, when I wrote that. When originally adjusting the clutch length, thinking I was adjusting the clutch's engagement, the spring was right there. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I was remembering there being a spring on the belt side of the transmission, attached to the pulley which engages the belt when the clutch pedal is depressed/released. There isn't! It seems the spring on the old C-141 is stronger than the one on the 312 (and that spring is nearing 40 years of age), so I am going to order a new spring for the 312. I do appreciate the assistance.
  9. Wisconsin Diesel

    You can pressure stamp or indent your gasket material in the shape of the gasket needed, then cutting out the gasket is much simpler. A set of gasket punches for cutting the holes where the bolts or indexing plugs are located really speeds up making your own gaskets. Good luck with your rebuild.
  10. Adjusting Clutch on 1995 312/8

    It probably would not "pop a wheelie" but just as soon as the clutch release is begun the 312 is ready to go. There seems to be no difference if is has just been started or after an hour or more use. The owners manual really does not address the clutch adjustment, and I mistakenly though the rod adjustment was the clutch's adjustment The drive belt is not new, and I don't think that is my problem Bob from the way you described a problem there, but I will check it out Wednesday morning and see what everything looks like there. My old C-141 had a spring, but I am not sure how the 312 is arranged. But thanks for the assistance fellows.
  11. Getting the garden ready!

    It's getting to be that time of year all right. My list of to do things gets longer ever day, but tilling the garden is tops, just as soon as it quits raining here.
  12. I ran a search and did not find a previous thread, so if there is one, someone is aware of, provide that as a reference. The clutch seem to be a little "touch" in my '95 WH 312/8 and although adjusting the peddles take up is fairly simple & straight forward. I have adjusted one turn forward, one turn back, two forward, two back, etc, etc and still can not seem to make any real improvement in the clutch's engagement. Does anyone have any secrets to adjusting the WH clutch. As a side note: The shifting is smooth and I recently drained and flushed the old gear oil and replaced it with Lucas Synthetic Gear Oil.
  13. Mowing deck discharge preference?

    I previously had a 42 inch rear discharge, and in reasonably well manicured lawn, pulling a sweeper behind the rear discharge, makes an extremely nice looking lawn, but for cutting taller & heaver (thicker) grass a side discharge really shines. I have two 42 inch side discharge mowers at present. I purchased them at any rate, but the boy keeps and uses one as his own.
  14. Clutch spring

    This is a couple of years old now, but looking for the same spring (number 1014), I encountered an updated number 83-2730, which is still in stock at some locations. If we are allowed to site sources, I will in the future. If not, PM me and I will provide my source.
  15. The time has come.

    Haven't noticed this one before, but we will say a special prayer for you and wish you a speedy recovery along with the others.