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  1. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Not carbunkles !!!!!!
  2. First start of K181 from auction

    I ahhr too !! He might be laughing so hard he can't hear his engine tick!
  3. First start of K181 from auction

    It's good advice and I appreciate that and I don't mean to sound ungrateful but obviously you guys are not reading the directions correctly. I only have tick. No flea. I can't use that stuff.
  4. brrrrrrrrrrrr

    All those things in one day? That right there is just fantastic, stellar, and awesome.
  5. THAT'S a good enough reason for many right there......
  6. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

  7. brrrrrrrrrrrr

    That's why I have to heat my house. ...
  8. First start of K181 from auction

    My Kohler 8 has a similar tick. I'll be following along to see how yours is solved.
  9. brrrrrrrrrrrr

    Hope you feel better Jerry! Your idea of organizing sounds a lot like mine. My honey and I spent a lot of yesterday cleaning up in the downstairs Workshop areas. I experienced several moments that were - I forgot I had that!
  10. brrrrrrrrrrrr

    Yep. -4 at my house this morning. Lovely. Forecasted for about 4 inches of snow between Tuesday night and Wednesday.
  11. 308 repower and upgrade

    I'll second that! Wonderful rig you have there. Like many others on this site, yours is an inspiration to work on my own. Looking forward to a video when you can.
  12. Pair of Horses- new to me

    Be careful where you leave those tractors alone Mike. Horses are herd animals and they tend to multiply somehow. Most of us claim not to have an addiction. Welcome aboard.