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  1. No apologies needed... IMHO. Different is good. I'm makin mine aqua-ish as well... with antique white wheels and engine and red/black/white decals. I purposely chose a color I've Never seen on another tractor. I'm just as much of a purist on many machines but I also appreciate variety. Sure would be boring without it.
  2. Well said sir. And very true.
  3. Bahh-hahahahahahahaha Don't see why it wouldn't fit, but the colors are not at all complementary.
  4. Love this post for all the best and worst reasons....
  5. That looks awesome !!
  6. Nice looking paint job. Me and paint-on-metal aren't good friends.... A skill I need to acquire for sure.
  7. I'll be looking forward to pictures. .... My b80 will be aqua/antique white /red at some point.
  8. Big +1 for the Rimguard ! Here in my area it's actually less expensive to have the dealer fill with it than diy fill other fluids. I believe it to be the heaviest of the fluid fills available as well.
  9. Looks awesome! I like the black seat. I too, would be happy to "store" it for ya'
  10. Really like this idea. With the oversized and fluid-filled tires on the front of my rig these would help reduce effort and wear and tear. Where do we purchase the bearing set?
  11. Yes, since 2008 or so it's been shuffled around a bit as where the info is. I've been very lucky in 15+ years of CDL driving to deal with the courteous and cordial DOT officials here in VT, NH and Maine. I have heard of Many others who've had similar experiences to yours. I don't have a way to answer what your specific state has for Actual regs, but I'll say this: ALWAYS go heavier than you think is needed. If you need medium chain/straps, get heavy. If you need one chain, use 2.... ETC... At least up here in Northern New England, loads DO Need to meet/ exceed DOT regs, even if privately owned and no DOT numbers are needed. Keep being careful. You have the right mind-set.
  12. Nice job on that shed floor !