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  1. What is it???

    Boy would I love to see that! Makes me wish we lived just a bit closer....
  2. New Shop

    I'd take you up on that Fred. I got sum hammuhs an' nayulls an' such like.
  3. rear wheel hub C-100

    'Driver... Look on our vendors page and get a hold of A - Z Tractor. He should have that hub in stock for ya. Signed... Another Driver.
  4. Catastrophic failure

    Yeah, I'll second that. I've been super impressed with my b80.
  5. What is it???

    Yeah, Josh. What Chris said. Roughly what age was your uncle when this began to take place?
  6. What is it???

    Oh you can bet on that Josh...
  7. Catastrophic failure

    I've heard said - If you're gonna break it, do it right! I'd say they done ok there.
  8. Lets see the snow rigs!

    .........As long as his wife doesn't have snowblower Envy ........
  9. Catastrophic failure

    We may never know the real answer but you could have nailed it right there. It is possible to have a casting flaw on the inside of a piece of metal that is just beyond the point of Machining and maybe this engine just got to the point of wear and tear over many years that it finally lost its ability to stay whole.
  10. Lets see the snow rigs!

    Best alternative to horsepower is people power.
  11. Lets see the snow rigs!

    Jeff thats all well and good but then what would his "favorite sno rig" have to do???
  12. What is it???

    Doesn't matter if you finish anything as long as you have FUN. It's ok Chris. We all make mistakes. Just keep working on your negativity and lousy attitude and we can conquer your good demeanor together. AAHHAAHHAAHHAAHHAAAAA !!!!!!
  13. Lets see the snow rigs!

    HAHAHAHAHA !!!!! Oh yeah. ... it's still funny.
  14. What is it???

    What an incredible piece! There are museums that would absolutely love to display a machine like that. Josh, please do take the time to sit with your uncle and get as many details about that as you can. For the history of it if nothing else. We'd all love to hear more about it.