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  1. You know it's a great hike...

    That was a good day with a lot of climbing over three different mountains in a big loop. Not by a long shot the longest one we've done. This past hike was about 7 Trail miles and about three dirt road miles to get back to the car. We haven't been doing as much hiking this year because we've been so busy around the acreage. We've done a good many hikes in the 11 to 13 mile range and two different days on different mountain ranges that were 16 miles a piece. Lots of work. Lots of energy. Lots of fun. We really enjoy it.
  2. You know it's a great hike...

    @AMC RULES where is that first set taken?
  3. You know it's a great hike...

    Right there with ya. I can't hike above about 85 degrees or so... And prefer much much cooler.
  4. Shop project...

    I'll stick to crane and forklift....
  5. Agreed. This one has always been a bit challenging. I'll triple double check that shaft. Thanks for the heads up.
  6. A few pics of our new crane truck. Pretty impressed so far...
  7. Got the Briggs engine running tonight !!! I need to rebuild and clean the carb. I was hoping to wait until later but it doesn't idle right and seeps fuel from the top gasket. No worries... I have a kit for it. The starter and kill switch work great so that's a plus. I won't have time to get the 657 running right by the weekend so it won't make it to Owls Head. Oh well... there's always next year. Here's a few pics and videos. Note the red wooden pull handle. It is from a VERY old Napa pull cord kit. Here you can see the complete layout of the tractor with the replacement engine and the way the gas tank and battery are set.
  8. You know it's a great hike...

    It's a bit tight going up through there... And I'm NOT the smallest fellow in the world. Most people have to take their packs off to fit..... The lower pic is tough to imagine right. The angle the land is right around 70 degrees or so. Steep !!!!! Fun climb!
  9. When this is the trail. Turn sideways to the left so the green bar is horizontal.... my phone won't. THAT is a trail !! Another section... Please feel free to share your own !!!
  10. Lug Nuts # 1004

    Two more thumbs...
  11. The gas tank is installed into it's happy little shelf space. New shutoff and filter. Trina spent some time cleaning up and priming and painting the air cleaner housing we got from @A-Z Tractor. Speaking of... I was watching the youtubes the other day and taryl the loo loo says use a business card to set the coil back in place. Here's the intake and exhaust..
  12. I've been told MY castings are eccentric...