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  1. We've had enough snow here....
  2. B 80

    sort of sounds like it's stuck in a gear.... fiddle around with both shifters. Might be building engine compression, then releasing it... ?
  3. I'm New--but I'm not...

    young sir to
  4. Electric carving knife is exactly what she used! I'll show her the video later and maybe she'll try out the method shown. I don't think I'd get too worried about the gear oil in the turkey. All natural petroleum distillate products are probably better than some of the interesting stuff that is in much of our food anyways. Just tell them it is your method of "distribution and division and incision tool" maintenance. Thanks!
  5. “JackRabbit”—Caleb’s 418-C

    @Coulter Caleb. Welcome to The Forum! Great to see you. How did you choose your screen name?
  6. I wish... Southwest Maine. In the mountains.
  7. HAHAHAHAHA !!!! Well, let me answer that in two halves. 1. We don't use either one of these tractors to mow so I'm off the hook for this one. (We have next-to-nothing for a lawn) 2. We still have about 3 1/2 to 4 feet of snow here. Might possibly maybe be more than a few weeks... Last Tuesday :
  8. Jim, she does not generally hire out to the public. I could attempt negotiations and advise of outcome later. As to the nice couch being in the workshop. Actually, I used to have two workshops. Note, used to have. I now have my one Workshop .... the shed. The one that I "used to have" is downstairs in the cellar. It's part den, part workshop. That has been commandeered by my honey. I am okay with that for the most part. Especially when she does most of the work on my tractor. She still "let's" me use the downstairs workshop occasionally. ..
  9. My honey showed me how to add stuff to "paint" files. How's this?
  10. Well buoys and gulls... We've got some top shelf Show-n-tell for ya today !! I write "we" because my amazing honey helped out A LOT today!!! Have I mentioned how awesome she is ?!? Worked on the wiring a bit more. Hoping that's done for now. The other day I was fiddlin' with the ground cable and the upper end came unpastedized. Not a huge shock (see what I did there...) considering it was a badly done home-made piece. Sooo... 3 new battery cables went in... The double zip-tie between + & - is to keep them from moving and also keeps a piece of plastic between them. Scored a name brand solenoid for about 25 bucks Right front tire had a gash big enough to throw a cat through so I changed that out today. Super cool part was I had an original front wheel from the B80 on hand that had the same tire. Spindle has a fair amount of wear just like every other thing on this rig. You can see here that I drained the ummm... stuff... out of the rear axle/transmission. I did refill with about 1- 1/2 quarts of diesel and spun by hand a bit in each gear and drained it again. Same color but much thinner like diesel shoulda been. I'll likely repeat this a couple more times.... minimum. Other concerns there though. One hub is floppy loose and the other you can see in the next pic has been beaten by a PO. so ya' know that ain't comin' off easy. And... the wheel with the tight hub won't come off. Sprayed Penetrating oil all over the place and closed the shop up. I'm thinkin' I'm gonna need to split the trans soon and replace the wheel bearings. The contents of the following are self descriptive as each before and after. ALL done by my honey... And... She worked on the seat cover some more too !! Cut the whole seat piece. Then cut it in the middle and spray glued it. Then trimmed around the edges to shape it.
  11. New sign

    Wicked cool !!
  12. C195 loader project underway.

    Definitely following along for this one....
  13. wolfpack

    Question for @wolfpack. What type of device(s) are you using to post? PC, tablet, mobile phone? I ask because I use a PC and a mobile phone which are VERY different in screen layout. I rarely use my phone to post new topics because it's inconvenient and I'm not sure I can even use tags then... No worries... we'll get you fixed up.
  14. 502 Worker Refresh

    Let me just first say... No matter what anyone else thinks, It's your tractor! BUT... I really like that idea !!! It gives credit and recognition to both new and old status and drivetrain etc.