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  1. new to wheel horse

    I'll put in another voted for being loaded... the tires I mean ! I had mine filled with rimguard for a great price and LOVE it. Totally depends on the brand you use to replace... Tire sizes vary A LOT from what the listed size on the tire is.
  2. What's that template used for?
  3. patiently watching... great thread !!
  4. '74 B80 Tie rod questions

    Ordered from here tonight... Thanks for the reminder!
  5. '74 B80 Tie rod questions

    Ed, I'm looking at M/carr website and it seems that the ball stud type https://www.mcmaster.com/#4444T941 have FAR less static load strength than comparable non stud type https://www.mcmaster.com/#4444t22/=19fx17w which it appears you used... Do you know why?
  6. '74 B80 Tie rod questions

    One of the holes on the outer end is already about 7/16 I'm in need of extra beefy I think because of the extra weight of the tractor al;one and also ALL I do with it is pull heavy stuff around the acreage.
  7. Adult pedal tractors?

    ooooooooo. I like the sound of that too. .....
  8. What have you done on your WH today?

    Did a little more log pulling, and cleared a few small trees and some brush in the paths to access deeper into the woods a bit. Ordering some stone tommorow to use in them. We may be a bit demented but we have a lot of fun! Pulled the tie rods off to drop off so new ones can be made up.
  9. Adult pedal tractors?

    When I see this, I want to add longer cranks and more aggressive pedals and a seat that will allow more rear-ward push so as to create a recumbent style
  10. '74 B80 Tie rod questions

    Definitely going to replace all of both rods. How about drilling the knuckle for a bigger stud to eliminate looseness? good / bad?
  11. I popped both tie rods off today so I could have my Honey leave them at my small engine repair place. The one that appears original was falling off on occasion. I'm not real big on losing steering so I'll have him weld up a couple for me. He installs the new ends on the old bar after cutting to length. Kinda wondering about appropriate stud size and total length. Old one is about 9 3/4 long and the newer one is 1/8 inch shorter. Does it matter much as long as they're close? Also, the stud on one is a bit loose in the end of the steering knuckle... Just squeeze it tighter when I re-install or should use a larger rod end and drill out the knuckle?
  12. Air compressor questions, advice?

    Sarge, that Mytrain is AWESOME !
  13. Identification help... please guys...

    Now we know where your mind Realllly Is......