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  1. 6.5 B & S will only run with choke 1/2 shut ??

    We were kind of amused by this... So for the record... we DO normally keep this machine covered with a tarp. And it's done this 1/2 choke thing for the year that we've had it but it's getting worse.... Then we had the incredibly nasty storm a couple weeks ago... wind and rain... and rain and wind... We tried to start it yesterday and ..... nothing.... dam. So I popped the plug out and noted no gas smell. I Watched my honey put gas in so I Know there's some sort of fuel somewhere in this machine. I pulled the fuel line off the carb end and drained the tank completely. Of the 1-1/2 quarts it let go, about a 1/4 of it was water!!! well there's a problem. So anyways... I'll pick up a few carb gaskets and freshen 'er up a bit and toss a little water eater of some sort in with the fuel.
  2. @PeacemakerJack I was introduced to Lamour back about 35 or so years ago when I got the 2 leatherbound books from a sort-of 3rd set of grandparents we were lucky enough to have as kids. Silver canyon and Flint. Still two of my favorites from him. I genuinely appreciate the fact that if Lamour wrote it, he likely lived it, even if for a very short time. He did many many jobs to keep food in his and his families mouths.... but also - He tried doing many things just to see what they were like. Didn't take the word from others, he went and Did what whatever it was... If he wrote that was a particular landmark such as a farm or building or rock or canyon... It was really there at the the time of the story or close to it. (His personal library had over 10,000 maps of ancient to modern times) Westerns paid his bills... so he wrote mostly westerns. But I enjoy the others as well. Crime stories, science fiction etc... A great writer and a great man who wrote what he lived and lived what he wrote.
  3. I agree !!! Thanks everyone for posting !
  4. The stereos in my shop and house are both at least 20 years old... I have an old cassette player for one that was given to me by another appreciator of older sound units.
  5. Newer model, maybe 10-ish years old. It's on a home-made log splitter we picked up. Not a , but does at least have a red hydraulic set-up. (Mods, feel free to move to another thread. I wasn't sure where to place) I'm sure it needs a cleaning at minimum. Air filter and spark plug are both tired. It runs very rough and and waivers up/ down if choke is fully open. Leave it 1/2 closed and it'll run perfectly happy. It does this with or without the air filter in place. Anything particular I should look for/at? Thanks!
  6. As posted in the "What have you done"... thread, I got the VR, Ign switch and volt gauge done. Thank you to those posting here and also @BOB ELLISON for supplying his schematic. As a vendor FYI for you.... I found the best price and fast shipping services from for the VR and switch.
  7. What have you done on your WH today?

    Installed a new voltage regulator, proper key switch (to replace an incorrect one), and replaced ammeter with a volt gauge. Rewired back to factory specs except adding volt gauge. I put that to the " I " terminal so I can see voltage while in "start" position.
  8. Thank you for offering Bob but I'll use your diagram just as it is. I'm going to wire my lights that way as well. I'm using LEDs but I figure it's worth the cheap insurance.
  9. I'm installing the proper ignition switch and rewiring some. I'd love to see a proper schematic drawing that is a little better than the one from a 74 B80 Factory Sketch. It's a bit vague. @BOB ELLISON, you have one for a c-160 that you redid I think.?
  10. Whats your Winter Project

    Lemme know when you're headed north
  11. What have you done on your WH today?

    @Lane Ranger Nice looking decals !
  12. Man oh man...... I hope to someday have the leather bound set. Here's most of mine.... with a couple others..... I have maybe a little over half... ?
  13. Keeping in mind I've never done the work myself. Here's what I would be asking. How much cost would I have into the tubes? Would that cost be worth the insurance in my mind of having the tubes dry-rotted as opposed to my tires being dry-rotted? I feel like I probably would put the tubes in if it was not a lot of extra work.