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  1. Couple of Hydro questions

    I get it, yeah I could see how that can happen. Do you access the fan/ fan bolt from the side of the tractor? Do you have to take the rear right tire off?
  2. I got a couple of questions here, my (1997-ish) Toro Wheel Horse 520H (hydro) was doing a couple of things that I noticed. First thing I noticed is that after an hour or so of cutting grass, I noticed the hydro temp light went on. The fluid level was fine. I even changed the fluid at the beginning of this season. So I am at a loss as to what is going on. Secondly, I noticed after riding the tractor for a while, when I back off the throttle, I can hear squeaking. It sounds like it is coming from the pulley under the seat ( I am guessing where the hydro fluid pump/fan is). Ay help/ advice/ comments would be appreciated. thanks in advance!
  3. Reconditioning mowing deck

    I was going by the tachometer on the dash board. It looks like around 4k is the "redline". So, than that case, I can stay around the 3600 rpm's. I guess the deck is level left to right. I don't even know how you would adjust the left to right. Is there a proper (go to) way to adjust the front to back? DO you measure the blade? The deck?...?
  4. Reconditioning mowing deck

    I think I was around there, I was darn close to 4,000rpm. I just didn’t want to blow the engine ha-ha-ha! Yeah, When I measured, I used the blade by the chute and measured the front and back, it was around 1/4 inch lower in the front. I guess I can go closer to 1/8 or level. Am I doing it right? Ok, I guess the overlap is so the clippings get distributed finer, so the key is that 6inch overlap! Really, 3-1/2 inches? That’s it? Wow! I know the Mohawk things is not striping, I just notice that I get that Mohawk strip of grass when the grass is really high. The blades are sharp, I just don’t get it. Maybe it’s too high? I guess I need to go slooower. I was going around 3700-3900 rpm, I guess I should back off the throttle! 19,200 feet per minute??? How does that convert to RPM?
  5. Reconditioning mowing deck

    Yes deck was welded. The guy did a FANTASTIC JOB. He even found cracks that I didn't see! The wheels I believe are the right size. I ended up not changing them (for now). Blades are the right ones! All nice and sharpened, UNTIL I Scalped A rock! I was so pissed! The blades are on right. I responded to Sarge here he had some good points, like you, but I asked him some follow up questions.
  6. Reconditioning mowing deck

    I figured I would have to go in stages. Only thing is the deck is at its highest level. I don’t know what else I could do to heighten the deck. I didn’t know that WH decks cut notoriously low. But the highest I can cut is 3 inches. Is that normal?? Only other way I can do it is raise the deck all the way up and cut. Is that frowned upon? So when I stripe, what is the best way to do it? I had never done this technique before. When you say these mowers are low RPM designs, what is the suggested rpm I should stay at and not exceed? The manual says to just go maximum throttle for best results. Pretty vague
  7. Reconditioning mowing deck

    Okay, it took a while, but I rebuilt the deck and linked it up to the tractor to give it a try. I guess the grass is really high (first cut in the season) since it didn't cut right (it left mohawk's of taller grass if you know what I mean). I have two questions (keep in mind I don't have a mulcher): If the grass is really tall 6+ inches, what is the best way to cut the grass? Even on the highest setting, it seems like it cuts pretty low. Am I missing something here? I usually do the circling of the lawn and end up with piles of grass clippings, but I know I am going to have mountains of grass clippings to deal with (my back hurts just thinking about it). I was thinking of going up and down (striping I guess its called), but I am wondering if its just going to be a mess with the clippings and all. I properly set the deck slope with it being 1/4 inch lower in the front. However, it is still 2.75 inches which I think is too low! Any help would be appreciated
  8. Reconditioning mowing deck

    And where can I find a spindle for a good price? I take it I shouldn't buy a used one?
  9. Reconditioning mowing deck

    Anybody know how to get a bearing out of the spindle.
  10. Reconditioning mowing deck

  11. Reconditioning mowing deck

    Also in the pic below shows the hole that was ripped out from wear and tear!
  12. Reconditioning mowing deck

  13. Reconditioning mowing deck

    All right folks, so I had managed to take apart the deck, question: How do you get the bearings out of the spindle? I had also noticed, the right most spindle (closest to the clippings ejection area) has a piece of the spindle come off (where it bolts onto the deck) I take it that cannot be repaired and its probably just easier to buy a new one right?
  14. Reconditioning mowing deck

    Even though my Serial Number is 7904987 and is after the 7900001 in the manual, I am assuming it is the same thing For the Bearings, I have art number 109966 and it calls for 6 bearings For the Wheels, the part number is 110506 and it calls for 2. For the Belt, which I am guessing one should change, the part number is 1594, and it call for 1.
  15. Reconditioning mowing deck

    What else needs to be addressed on these decks that I should worry about?