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  1. 520 H Oil Change

    Lynmor, What is the model number and name of the longer oil filter -0800
  2. 520 H Oil Change

    I wasn't going to put a lot of Seafoam in there, perhaps a small thimble if that..That is if I was going to do it. I totally get it with not knowing what the history is before me Would even a minute amount cause it to cleanse TOOO Well?
  3. 520 H Oil Change

    It's a 73501 tractor. My guess it is a mid 90's model I have a photo with the serial number, I would have to dig it up. But I would always have to top it off with Straight SAE 30 every other time I would cut the grass. I do not know when it was changed last, and I ran the tractor the first time we "inherited" it all last season. So Yes, It is overdue to change the oil. My question is, I would like to use Seafoam for cleaning out the crankcase as well the fuel tank. Would you advise for or against it? ---I have read somewhere that it takes 1.7 (almost 2) qts of oil for the crankcase (with filter) As for the transmission/ Hydrostatic transmission, same goes for that. I have to change that and in addition I would have to top it off once every month, if that. Can I seafoam that? I have read somewhere that it takes 1.7 almost 2 qts of oil for the crankcase (with filter) ---I have read somewhere that it takes 5 qts of oil for the hydrostatic transmission (with filter)
  4. 520 H Oil Change

    Hello all! I am just wondering a few things since I am new at this: How often should you change the oil? I know it called for straight 30 SAE 30, if there a recommended name brand. (She does consume oil)? How many quarts does she take? Where is the drain plug/ oil filter? Should I also change the oil for the transmission, it takes 10 w 30?
  5. Snow plow attachment

    thanks so much for the help guys. It looks as though I got my hands full on this project. Looking forward to get cracking on it
  6. Snow plow attachment

    Sorry for the long wait, here it is!
  7. Hello guys (again), I have a snow plow attachment. Now before anyone says anything, I will get the model number of it, but it seems to me to be missing some parts. It looks as though the shovel has the functionality to go up and down, and it looks like it can rotate on a swivel by a cable. It looks as though the cable broke apart and I am tying to figure out how it all works. Any help is much appreciated
  8. Hey Guys, I have found out that I have a fast leak on the front "drivers" side tire and a slower one on the rear "drivers" side tire. Do you guys know where the best place to find tires (they're a bit worn), and tubes? Not to mention, what is the best way to get them off the wheel? Thank you in advance!
  9. crooked deck

    Can't seem to find the rubber stop that were mentioned. I will look again, (maybe I wasn't looking good enough) nd it is mounted right to the best of my knowledge ( reason I know is having to correct it a few times to mount it correctly)
  10. crooked deck

    I don't know if it's just me but it seems that may deck is crooked (meaning if I am sitting on the tractor, the left wheel is almost touching the ground whereas the right one is higher (when the deck is up all the way). I have a 520 Hydro
  11. Vacuum hose going nowhere

    Sorry Fella's. I have a 520Hydro Picture I can try to get today But the hose looks like it runs from air cleaner to this switch on the driver's side of the tractor. Has pink wires that looks like they go to the gauges and the lights on the dash
  12. Vacuum hose going nowhere

    When I was checking the oil and I found a small vacuum hose from the air cleaner that looks like it would go to an electrical switch that looks like it has electrical plugs going in and a vacuum port hole that looks broken off.
  13. Adjusting a mowing deck

  14. Adjusting a mowing deck

    fixed IT
  15. Adjusting a mowing deck

    So this is what I found in the shed. it is a 5/16'' diameter about 6-9 inches long (hard to measure with bends). I don't think its supposed to have the bends, am I right?