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  1. 1960 suburban 400 project

    There should be a parts list and drawing in one of the mower deck manuals, generally can find by year if you don't know the model. As far as paint, with the work already done, I would get the red paint to make it match.
  2. 1960 suburban 400 project

    This is what I am dealing with on my 551. Wrong engine, Kohler K91 instead of the Tecumseh/Lauson 5.5 hp. Wrong hood and then bobbed to fit. Head stand (only used on the 551) has the battery bracket cut off, and a patch on one of the uprights. Missing drive belt clutch finger, belt guard, and wrong brake pedal. Have found a suitable engine, original belt guard, a rough hood, and an original ignition switch and key (probably the hardest part to find).
  3. 1960 suburban 400 project

    The Kohler engines are extremely long lived, most of mine are original, never rebuilt. Always good to keep any original parts. Couple questions about the pics, in the first one, there appears to be a lever (rod) laying on the foot rest? In the second pic, what is up with the brake rod (looks bent), and the bolt through the brake pedal? Great looking tractor!
  4. 1960 suburban 400 project

    @Jhawkins There is a metal plug that fits in the hole. If you search for this below in that popular auction site, you will find a new one for about $19. On the 551 electric start, it was drilled in the middle for the ignition switch (extremely rare to find). On some of the 401 models it was either blank or it was drilled for a kill switch. "New Original OEM 1961 Wheel Horse Tractor 401 551 Hood Hole Plug Button #4225" @Jhawkins, if I may ask, why did you swap out the Kohler engine? What do you plan to do with it?
  5. 1960 suburban 400 project

    A very nice project for the first one. But watch out, it is addictive! Please don't take our comments as criticism, we are just providing input as in some cases it is difficult to figure out what is correct. That said, many of us have pure breds and Heinz 57 varieties. Some unintentional, and some intentional. I plan to convert one of my 857's to an 877 as it is difficult for me to mow with a manual clutch. Regardless of your decision as to what you do with your tractor, it is a very nice looking unit!
  6. 1960 suburban 400 project

    Love the tractor, and what your doing to it. If you check the parts manual, your hood is from a 1961 401 or 551 tractor. The 400 used the hood with the square cut out and throttle levers. The hood you have was only used in 61 on the 401/551, so is rather hard to locate. Only reason I picked up on that, is because I am restoring a 551 and have a 401 as well, and have been finding difficulty getting decent parts.
  7. What have you done on your WH today?

    I spent about 3 hrs this morning sand blasting a 551 hood so I could start welding up the cracks, misc holes, and replace the missing metal lip at the bottom front where it bolts to the frame. Will be a lot of work to get it straightened out, but lucky I found one. Also blasted the correct belt guard for the 551, and also a K91 recoil starter for another projrct. There was a couple layers of red paint, and then the yellow stuff. Don't know what the yellow paint is, but it is really hard!
  8. Help to figure out HT55C engine code

    Please check. The initial dimensions I was given was 13 1/4" in height to the tallest cylinder head bolt. The measurement I took from frame to base of hood, was 13 1/4". With the stamped base, it will likely touch the hood.
  9. Help to figure out HT55C engine code

    I have one comming to use on my 551 tractor. I am going to have to duplicate the flat cast mounting base used on the H55D engines rather than the stamped steel mount used on the HT55C engine. The current owner is converting his 552 into a 702.
  10. Help to figure out HT55C engine code

    The HT55C was used on the 552 tractors. They were engine forward, horizontal shaft, electric start, aluminum block. That is all that I know about them, and they did not have the recoil starter on them like the earlier H55B/C/D engines.
  11. Some will and some won't like it

    I like, as a matter of fact, found this one (A-81) about 1.5 hrs away. May have to look at it!
  12. This is probably pretty simple for the right person, does anyone know what the "T" indicates for Tecumseh engine model HT55c. Thanks.
  13. What are the rarest wheel horses?

    I would add the 551 to that list, a one year production with numerous one year/model specific parts.
  14. What have you done on your WH today?

    Today I did more research on the engine used on the 551 tractor, been digging up a lot of info for use in a future engine specific post. Unpacked my new to me correct 551 drive belt cover and a K91T blower housing and recoil starter (for a 401). Also ordered parts for the 551, hood, correct original ignition switch and key, fuel tank and cap. Also ordered a tool box and fenders, and another K91T recoil starter (new old stock) also for the 401 that I picked up last week, and two mid 60's two spoke steering wheels. Think my wallet got most of the workout today! Pics are the 551 with cut hood and wrong engine (K91T), and the new to the herd 401.
  15. The bleach will have etched into the paint all the way to the metal. You will need to take it down to bare metal, neutralize it as previously mentioned, then treat it with some metal etch solution. Then you need to use a very good grade of primer sealer. If not you will likely run into adhesion problems and other strange reactions by the top coat. Use something like this,