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  1. Hydro locked up

    Okay so now I feel like an idiot. While trying to figure out how to get the thing off the trailer, I started playing with the brake lever thinking about the comments Sarge said. While rocking it, I noticed that it looked like the tires were moving. So I figured what the heck, let me open the diverter valve. Low and behold, it rolled. After I got it on flat ground I decided to check the fluid, and while I had added some at the show as it does have a leak, fluid just touched the bottom of the stick, added fluid to the full level, started it up, and it runs like a champ! So now I have to figure out how to replace the leaking seals, control valve and an axle seal.
  2. Ok, I missed 10 people at the show and I am sure there are others. So, if the following people will PM me their name and address, I will mail you my card in a stiff manilla envelope and ask that you mail me your card in the same envelope in return. So if you are game, PM me your info! Sparky Turnnleft Pfrederi TravlinDave JPWH Roadapples Fast88pu Rob R Giddyap Spinjim
  3. Hydro locked up

    I have a little issue with the idler pulley/brake handle linkage where the arm connected to the diff is worn. If not pushed down fully (yes the 66 model was push down, not pull up), sometimes belt will jump off. Only happened 3 times in almost 2 years. The frame was replaced with a non cracked frame when I went through the unit, and frame has the factory stiffner plates on it, so no cracked frame.
  4. Have a 1276 and the sundstrand hydro rear differential locked up today. Pump is spinning from the drive belt, but rear axles will not move forward or reverse. If lift the rear up tires will rotate in opposite direction. Thoughts as to what might have gone south? Was creeping forward loading on trailer, belt jumped off drive pulley and pump pulley, and wouldn't move after putting belt back on.
  5. Weather forecast for 17307

    Rain, rain, and more rain!

    If you are at the show and you are looking for the TGTACK card, I am up the first road to the left under the pine trees. Look for the restored 1276. There are 10 people who need my card! Sparky Turnnleft Pfrederi TravlinDave JPWH Roadapples Fast88pu Rob R Giddyap Spinjim
  7. I know am probably low on the price, but is what I have in it. But am firm at that price.
  8. Okay, I have decided I am selling my model 401. In original patina, K91 runs good, smokes a little on start up. Tranny was rebuilt by Larry from Packrat Fabrications right before I got it last year, and I have only put a couple hours on it. New original OEM Kohler recoil starter, reproduction exhaust heat shield. I put a pair of mid 60's foot rests on the foot pegs. I just have too much trouble with the clutch on it and my weak left leg from MS as I can't tilt my foot up. Great round hood, loaded on the trailer, pick up at show. $425 Text me at 419-573-2122
  9. Aldon I need those footrests, cut me a deal.
  10. Small battery size?

    Well measured the tray and went to Wally world, and low and behold, the U1 battery I already have is the same dimensions, so good to go. I must have been thinking about the full sized battery in the 1276.
  11. Small battery size?

    It is stock with correct engine, just need know which battery people using with the small battery tray.
  12. Have a 654 with the small battery tray, what size/model battery to fit it? Have a new U1 on the shelf but way to big.
  13. Well dang it, I am short 4 new head bolts till tomorrow, but at least the new OEM Tecumseh muffler came in today, and big thanks to Terry the Vinylguy for making the motor look spiffy new!
  14. Well, the hood is painted, and motor is going back together! It might actually make it to the show!
  15. Squonk, just talked to Barry Gundlach, he and his wife will also be at Comfort inn and are interested in going also.