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  1. Red Square 2018 Calendar Project

    1967 model 857 and 1966 model 1276
  2. @AMC RULES, I use that on my refinished gun stocks, love the smell. Do you use it over the rusty areas as well? If you didn't figure it out, I am asking about the patina because of your urging not to refinish them!
  3. Okay, I have a model 400 and a model 401 that I am considering leaving in it's "work clothes". I have searched but have not found a definitive method to preserve the patina. So, to the experts, I ask, what is the best method to use? Both of these do have a small amount of dark red oxide primer on them that blends in. Should I just leave that as well or try and remove it? Knowing the person I bought these from, I suspect it is there because of possible metal repairs, so don't want to expose bare metal. Model 400 with white seat on the trailer, model 401 with red seat off the trailer. Also, what is your opinion regarding the rims, the 400 has refinished rims in white, but the rears on the 401 are somewhat rusty, leave as is, or clean them up and spray all of them in a linen beige? Please share your methods and tips.
  4. Picked up my 1960 Model 400 today!

    It might look funny with a fully refinished engine, that was already done as it is coming off the 551. It's not going to happen overnight, so who knows. It would be a mix of unfinished and finished parts. The engine, belt cover, exhaust shield, seat, and rims would all be sporting new paint.
  5. New Wheel Horse Hauler

    It has triple loop tie downs on each corner welded to the frame. Plan on adding some flush deck tie downs also. It's around 1540 lbs empty. It tows effortlessly, and since it is a tandem, no bouncing in the middle. Yep. The mesh makes them hard to see. Definately plan to paint the rims to match the tractors.
  6. Picked up my 1960 Model 400 today!

    Yes, I know, but this one is better!
  7. Picked up my 1960 Model 400 today!

    Thanks, even with 5 long frame models on it, I would only be at 50% of rated capacity!
  8. Picked up my model 400 today from Larry down in Marengo Ohio. Spotted it a month ago when I got my model 401 from him. Wanted the 400 as it was built same year as I was born! So when somebody was buying this tractor, I had just come home from the hospital! He went though it and rebuilt the tranny, replaced fuel tank straps, reworked stering, refinished rims, and a new set of throttle controls that he manufactures. I am going to use the K91 that is coming off my 551 (wrong engine) as I have a Lauson/Tecumseh H55 to go on the 551.The 401 is going to stay in original work clothes, but this one will get a complete refinish. Also picked up my new WH hauler down in Athens Ohio, and the 400 had the pleasure of being the first WH transported on it. Trailer is a 2017 Diamond C, 7' × 14' tandem axle with a bifold gate. Of course it is bright red to match the tractors! Just have to paint the black rims almond to get the look just right.
  9. Driving to Athens Ohio tomorrow (3.5hrs) to pick up my new trailer to haul the tractors around on. My little 5'×10' Carry On is just too small and flexes too much. Picking up a new Diamond C, 7'×14' tandem axle utility trailer. Painted a nice bright red! Has black rims, so guess I will have to paint them the same as the tractor rims. Little more than I wanted to spend, but the extra $500 gets me a much sturdier trailer than getting another Carry On brand tandem, plus I get a bunch of adds on including the bifold gate and a PPG automotive paint finish.
  10. 1960 suburban 400 project

    There should be a parts list and drawing in one of the mower deck manuals, generally can find by year if you don't know the model. As far as paint, with the work already done, I would get the red paint to make it match.
  11. 1960 suburban 400 project

    This is what I am dealing with on my 551. Wrong engine, Kohler K91 instead of the Tecumseh/Lauson 5.5 hp. Wrong hood and then bobbed to fit. Head stand (only used on the 551) has the battery bracket cut off, and a patch on one of the uprights. Missing drive belt clutch finger, belt guard, and wrong brake pedal. Have found a suitable engine, original belt guard, a rough hood, and an original ignition switch and key (probably the hardest part to find).
  12. 1960 suburban 400 project

    The Kohler engines are extremely long lived, most of mine are original, never rebuilt. Always good to keep any original parts. Couple questions about the pics, in the first one, there appears to be a lever (rod) laying on the foot rest? In the second pic, what is up with the brake rod (looks bent), and the bolt through the brake pedal? Great looking tractor!
  13. 1960 suburban 400 project

    @Jhawkins There is a metal plug that fits in the hole. If you search for this below in that popular auction site, you will find a new one for about $19. On the 551 electric start, it was drilled in the middle for the ignition switch (extremely rare to find). On some of the 401 models it was either blank or it was drilled for a kill switch. "New Original OEM 1961 Wheel Horse Tractor 401 551 Hood Hole Plug Button #4225" @Jhawkins, if I may ask, why did you swap out the Kohler engine? What do you plan to do with it?
  14. 1960 suburban 400 project

    A very nice project for the first one. But watch out, it is addictive! Please don't take our comments as criticism, we are just providing input as in some cases it is difficult to figure out what is correct. That said, many of us have pure breds and Heinz 57 varieties. Some unintentional, and some intentional. I plan to convert one of my 857's to an 877 as it is difficult for me to mow with a manual clutch. Regardless of your decision as to what you do with your tractor, it is a very nice looking unit!
  15. 1960 suburban 400 project

    Love the tractor, and what your doing to it. If you check the parts manual, your hood is from a 1961 401 or 551 tractor. The 400 used the hood with the square cut out and throttle levers. The hood you have was only used in 61 on the 401/551, so is rather hard to locate. Only reason I picked up on that, is because I am restoring a 551 and have a 401 as well, and have been finding difficulty getting decent parts.