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  1. c120 auto and c145

    I have a c120 with out a hydro lift have a chance to buy a c145 parts tractor with lift set up will they inter change
  2. b80

    whats up i have a b80 8 speed id like to make a puller out of was wondering what i needit to do have a ten hp kohleer to replace the eight
  3. I have a 62re lawn ranger it seems the belt is a little tight when clutch is depresed the belt won't slip what might be wrong and also what's the size the belt needs to be
  4. continue hh60 post

    Cool thank you
  5. continue hh60 post

    Is .80 befor tdc and on the comp stroke with both valves closed
  6. hh 60

    Yes setting the timing is what I a! In shore of have the dial indicator just need some kind of video an or step by step on how to do it thanks for all the help you guys have given me so far
  7. hh 60

    Well guys I am lost on how to time this thing anyone have a video or live close snuff to creamridge that's good with these tec to show me I'll gladly pay
  8. hh 60

    OK I will try it out and let ya know how I make out hope I get it
  9. hh 60

    Still no luck kinda lost on how to gap flywheel or set timming of spark
  10. hh 60

    No no manual I will take a look on the site for it
  11. hh 60

    I have a tec hh60 been trying to get it to run I put new points gaped to .20 coil and condenser got weak spark enuf to light the spark tester but not to fire any ideas
  12. lift

    cool thanks i bailed on buying the tractor its more of a hunt for the outher parts then its worth gonna keep my eyes open for the parts to do it or a whole tractor thanks for the help
  13. lift

    will a hydro lift setup on a charger automatic work on my hydro c120
  14. got this nice lot of stuff

    thanks for the id help now the next ? is how hard will it be to find a rear an dose anyone have one
  15. looking to id the frame an hood and the tractor with the crazy add on