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  1. 314-8 seat

    Did anyone find a replacement Seat? I don't care if the seat switch is there or not. The bolt pattern is 6" wide and 8" deep. 92-6511 is the Toro Part number. The Michigan Seat Company in Jackson, MI made the seats for Toro.
  2. Backfiring Engine when under increased load

    I filled up with fresh Auto fuel (with Stabil added) and ran the mower for almost 2 hrs and it only back fired once. Then I stopped to talk to a neighbor for 5 min and then the mower would not restart. It back fired and would not turn over. Then I let it cool down for 4 hrs and then it started right up and sounded normal. Is it the fuel pump? The fuel filter was new last year and is about 1/2 full of fuel. Is this a fuel starvation problem? Is it time to clean the carburetor and fuel pump like was done last year? Thanks for your help.
  3. Backfiring Engine when under increased load

    August 25, 2017 Well, After running it once a week for about 30 min all summer long without any backfires it started doing it again. The fuel tank was 1/8 full so I filled it up and cleaned the air cleaner and the backfiring persisted. It backfires to the air cleaner and makes a nice light show. The Fuel filter was full but the Regular Auto gas was from July. Could that be too old? Any ideas appreciated. I feel like I am back to square 1.
  4. Backfiring Engine when under increased load

    Well. I did not rebuild the carburetor. Just using fresh Regular Auto Gas and it has been running fine the once a week for 30 min that it takes me to mow our lawn. I am surprised that it is running so well now in the heat of summer. Oh well. Enjoy the heat.
  5. Backfiring Engine when under increased load

    Now it will run for 20 min and then it backfires and quits and I can restart it in a couple of minutes to run long enough to park it (10 min). Maybe it is the carburetor?
  6. Backfiring Engine when under increased load

    I ran another tank of gas thru it and it only backfired and quit once. If it does it more then rebuilding the carburetor is the next step. I will have to find the model number and order the rebuild kit.
  7. Backfiring Engine when under increased load

    Since I checked my Seat Switch and discovered that I had shorted it out with a staple and taped it with electrical tape probably in 1998. Well, The tape was partially worn and would short out on certain bumps and sometimes kill the engine. I attached a picture of my non Wheelhorse approved modification. So... I shorted the two wires together with a wire splice and the engine ran great. The Lawn grew and I mowed it. The mower did not back fire until I ran it out of fuel.. Do you think that I fixed it? Would that cause intermittent back firing if that switch was partially, intermittently shorted to ground by touching the Wheelhorse metal under the seat above the gas tank? Time will tell.
  8. 100 LL

    My 1958 Cessna 182/A was designed to run on 80 octane aviation gas. They stopped making 80 octane gas about 10 years ago and it runs fine on the 100 Low Lead Aviation Gas. In fact the airplane runs fine on 87 octane Auto gas from the US or Mexico. The only hitch is the ethanol sometimes in Auto Gas so the advise is to not use ethanol containing gas in the airplane if the airplane is going to sit for more than a few days as the ethanol deteriorates the rubber seals.
  9. Backfiring Engine when under increased load

    Thank you all for your thoughts. I will post again after I have some grass to mow.
  10. Backfiring Engine when under increased load

    It started right up this morning. I will see how it mows next week after the grass grows.
  11. Backfiring Engine when under increased load

    I disconnected that seat sensor when I first bought the Garden tractor in 1998. It has worked fine since then I have never rebuilt a carburetor. Maybe I should just buy a new one and install it? I should find the model number and order one. I have not started it up today yet.
  12. Backfiring Engine when under increased load

    Exactly. Do you know why it backfires some of the time and behaves normally the rest?
  13. Backfiring Engine when under increased load

    I took the attached pictures of the spark plug and then I tried to start it up after 5 hrs of cooling down. This is two views of the same spark plug. It was very hard to start and it backfired a few times both thru the exhaust and thru the carburetor/air cleaner. Finally I got it started and then drove it to the gravel and I drained the 89 octane Chevron Gas with Techron out of the tank. Then i put in 3/4 of a can of Sea Foam and started it up. Several times it would bellow black smoke and quit and then I would restart it and let run for 10 min. Then I parked it and will refill the tank with auto gas and then try to restart it tomorrow. It is strange that it backfires and dies and then finally restarts and runs for enough time to do all the mowing. I wish it would just run smoothly like it did last year. There are only 298 hours on this 1998 WheelHorse Tractor. That is only 14 hrs a year.
  14. Backfiring Engine when under increased load

    No. It eventually just quits. It has a Kohler Command CH 14 Ok. I called the Wheel Horse Dealer and he said to replace all the fuel with 87 octane auto gas. I did it and it seemed to run just fine.... for about 30 min. I shut it down and tried to restart it 10 min later and I could not start it. I let it sit for 3 hrs and then it started right up and I ran it for 20 min without a problem. Then today at noon I started it right up and under load it back fired like crazy and stopped. I waited a min and restarted it and then mowed for 40 minutes without a problem. The engine behaved fine even under load. I was about to bring it to the Tractor Service but since I was able to mow and do all lawns and weeds I figured I would wait. Maybe the Chevron 89 octane auto gas with Techron is cleaning out the high speed jet in the carburetor?
  15. Backfiring Engine when under increased load

    That makes the most sense. I tried all the above tricks with the carburetor cleaner (I even found a Gum out product) and it still backfires and then runs for 20 min and then backfires under load. I even have an audio file for you to hear the engine. Tractor back Firing.m4a