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  1. New year needs help with Air Horse

    The shop guys tell me it is definitely not a transaxle or key problem. They have checked that. They still maintain its the pump. So I'm taking up daveoman on his repaired unit. I'll let you know when I have it and hopefully I'm back in business. Thanks for everyone's fault finding guidance and suggestions. Very much appreciated👏👏
  2. New year needs help with Air Horse

    Thanks for this Richard. I will ask the local shop to look into this particular item first. Is this the woodruff type key I saw on the parts schematic on the axles? Which part number on the attached picture will the key be on?
  3. New year needs help with Air Horse

    Thanks for the fault finding suggestions folks but yes I have confirmed oil level and the tow valve is still jammed closed - never touched it through all this. The hydraulics still work in terms of the steering rams and the lift on the back to cradle the aircraft nose wheel. Even when I move the forward reverse lever I can hear and feel a bit of a load on the engine but there is no movement. I read somewhere here about a common problem of keys on transaxles going. Can anyone enlighten me if that may be the cause? Is there an easy diagnostic to determine if it is hydraulic motor or a transaxle mechanical problem?
  4. New year needs help with Air Horse

    The small rear wheels turn and also two rams move the articulated rear yellow frame. One s its on the hood of the engine facing backwards and reverse steals it while backing up to the aircraft nose wheel. There are some videos on-line showing at work.
  5. New year needs help with Air Horse

    Thanks very much for this list. I see the model number for my horse shows it uses a Sundstrand 90-2046. However my research from toro or even this site I think in the pic below shows a 90-1136. Is there any differences. Which should I believe. I unfortunately cannot find the model number tag on my actual unit. It has probably been removed because the whole unit has been painted green to look like a John Deere machine.
  6. Recently purchased a 1973 14hp Automatic airhorse like the one in the pic here. Model is 1-0435. Need it as tug for my airplane. It won't go in reverse or forward anymore. Everything looks fine. The local Toro shop says the transmission has gone and no parts available anymore. I see it uses a Sundstrand 90-1136. Any ideas on repairs. I am not in a position to repair myself. Just. Looking to get replacement or substitute parts/sub assemblies for the local toro shop to effect a repair. Thank Paul .