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  1. 1966 1276 fluid leak

    Was thinking bath also. It looks like it's up by the frame so I wondered that myself. I will do that and post as soon as I can with more thanks
  2. My 66 1276 I recently purchased has a leak somewhere around the rear end. Looks like maybe somewhere around where it meets the frame at the front of it. Any ideas of where to look or what I could possibly search for first
  3. 1966 1276 tiller

    Wish yall coulda met my grandpa in law. Man was a wheel horse nut. We lost all 20 of his horses in estate sale. He is what made me wanna get into the reds so bad. Wish I had all his implements and tractors still
  4. 1966 1276 tiller

    Thanks for that info. Very helpful
  5. 1966 1276 tiller

    Where is the best place to start looking for attachments. And also who is yalls go to site for parts
  6. 1966 1276 tiller

    It runs great just needs some love. It's cleaner now. This is how it looked upon purchase.
  7. I recently purchased a 1966 1276. And was wondering what tiller options I had for it if any. New to the wheel horse world but am excited to join.