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  1. PTO Clutch Lining

    Where is a good place to buy friction material to reline my 414-8's pto clutch? I read a while ago, that it's an inexpensive way to do it.
  2. Baby Toro 8-25 Need wheel drive belt adj. help

    Thanks. The belt diagram helped. Just the spring for tension. The belt looks good. Think I will see if I can increase spring tension, or add an extra spring to see if it helps.
  3. Baby Toro 8-25 Need wheel drive belt adj. help

    I can't find any other number on the mower. It looks like a spring keeps tension on the belt, with no adjustment.
  4. My WH 414-8 had a baby! Found a Toro 8-25 mower, for cutting where the 414-8 won't fit. After a few uses, the wheel drive is slipping, and I can't see how to adjust the belt. Any help? Sure seems easier to work on the 414-8.
  5. Need carb for Kohler M-14

    Will a carb from a Kohler K321 work on a Kohler M14? I have found lots of carbs for a K321 for cheap money. Can't find one for a M14