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  1. Hydraulic Take off

    Just realized I spelled hydraulics wrong lol. Guess I started typing hydro and just added to it. I am going to investigate both options depending on what I want to use the hydros for. Coming directly off the supply lines with a "T" is the cheaper and quicker option. Wallfish, or anyone who has used a separate pump, where and how do you "attach" the pump to the tractor motor to power it? I grew up on a farm and live in farm country, so I am going to be doing a lot of searching for pumps, cylinders, etc. Ideas for attachments to run off these hydros at this point... Log splitter Small Brush hog (like a swisher but with a hydro motor like the ones they use on a skid steer) Rear Log Boom for skidding logs I have some skill and a really well equipped Agri. Shop at school to utilize so my options are only limited by what the tractor can do.
  2. Hydraulic Take off

    Has anyone ever tried making a hydrolic take off system for a wheel horse? My parents have a JD 318 and it has hydrolic fittings on the front for a blade and I have seen log splitters ran off this system. Does this exist for my 520h or has anyone at least tried it? If it is, I can see many options other than just a splitter. I know the lifting cylinder has no issue with my blade and the hydros move the tractor around with plenty of power so I feel like it could be an option. Thanks
  3. Mounting a blade

    Extended the frame and built mounting brackets for rear end. So far I’m good with my lift attachment. Going to finish up the anti sway bar when I get time. The bar is welded up and fits in tach mount on front but need to weld bracket onto the blade. Doesn’t sway bad anyway. Used it today a little to clean the driveway up and worked pretty good. Happy with it for free. I’m sure I’ll have some adjustments. Loaded atv tires seem to push pretty well. Almost wish it would snow one more time... almost.
  4. Sprayer project

    That's a pretty slick idea. I don't need a sprayer, but I have been thinking about making a type of basket for the back of my 520h. Something like a Carry-All on the back end of a full size tractor. Can put things like chainsaw, hand tools, chains, etc in it. I don't think I will add the wheels but I like seeing I'm not the only one thinking of something like this. Could even add weight for the new blade if necessary.
  5. Mounting a blade

    That looks like a very simple but very functional sway bar. I will be adding one to my blade before I am done. Currently I have it stepped down to what I want. Tomorrow I will be extending the frame with some gas line pipe and bending it to the correct width. I think the best way to get the length right will be to just put it under the tractor and see how it fits. I’m just going to use angle iron and some bolts to making mounting brackets on the axle.
  6. Mounting a blade

    As I’m working on this blade, I’m curious about the dimensions of an actual wheel horse blade. I would someone who owns one that would fit my standard axle 520 mind posting its measurements? Length from mounting end (back) to back of the blade. Width at the back of the frame where it mounts to the rear axle. I know I can make it fit however I need to but I’m sore there is a reason for the dimensions on a wheel horse blade and I wouldn’t mind at least knowing them. Thanks in advance
  7. Grease Zerk

    Got it. Tried the reverse thread bit (or as my grandpa called them easy outs). Glam- thank you for the history lesson. All these common things we talk about regularly have a history and it’s always interesting to hear it.
  8. Mounting a blade

    Hillbilly, what size tires are those on the front?
  9. Grease Zerk

    I busted the grease zerk under the front end. I have removed the the entire arm. I have snapped 3 bits trying to drill it out to get an easy-out in it. Any suggestions from someone who has done this before? I have replaced zerks on other equipment before, but nothing with this much trouble.
  10. Mounting a blade

    I know there are a few of the WH plows on Craigslist for a good price. But I am 1. Cheap and this atv plow was free and 2. Tight on time so finding on and getting one. My 520 is an 89 and doesn’t have the front swept axles so from my measurements it should work but if not I guess I’ll be making some changes lol. I like the idea of the front stabilizer. Side sway has been a problem in my head and I like those ideas. Another problem I’m worried about is front traction. Tread isn’t bad and front tires are loaded (about 25 lbs total). Is this enough? I’ve thought about putting larger tires on.
  11. Mounting a blade

    I have an atv blade that has the correct dimensions to fit under my 520. I’ve looked a good bit on here and google. From what I see, I just need to fab two mounting brackets for the rear axle and attach to the deck lift. Are the wheel horse model blades lifted by the hydraulic deck lift also? Are there any other areas of attachment I need?
  12. Larger Fromt tires

    That is a good looking tractor. Restored or just well taken care of?
  13. Larger Fromt tires

    Thanks. Rears are 26x11x12 and they just fit. It does sit a little higher in the rear so the 18” up front will level that out.
  14. Larger Fromt tires

    Would there be any issues with running 18x8.5x8s on the front of an ‘89 520h? I have larger ATV tires on rear and fronts need replaced and wanted to go a little bigger.
  15. Finally Rebuilding Carb

    Now that I pulled things apart and looked closer, there is no bushing in the carb, just the shaft through the side of the carb. The hole for the shaft is two different diameters, getting smaller towards the inside of the carb. On parts diagrams I do not even see a bushing to replace.