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  1. Larger Fromt tires

    That is a good looking tractor. Restored or just well taken care of?
  2. Larger Fromt tires

    Thanks. Rears are 26x11x12 and they just fit. It does sit a little higher in the rear so the 18” up front will level that out.
  3. Larger Fromt tires

    Would there be any issues with running 18x8.5x8s on the front of an ‘89 520h? I have larger ATV tires on rear and fronts need replaced and wanted to go a little bigger.
  4. Finally Rebuilding Carb

    Now that I pulled things apart and looked closer, there is no bushing in the carb, just the shaft through the side of the carb. The hole for the shaft is two different diameters, getting smaller towards the inside of the carb. On parts diagrams I do not even see a bushing to replace.
  5. Finally Rebuilding Carb

    I have what I believe is the correct part number. 142-0343. If this is the one, you are correct rmaynard, it is 24.00.
  6. Finally Rebuilding Carb

    yes it is the onan. I know most onan parts are expensive but with all the experience on here, you never know what someone has tried and worked.
  7. Finally Rebuilding Carb

    I do not have an ACE hardware anywhere close. Has anyone done this replacement and have a suggestion as to somewhere else I can find the bushing? I have done a few searches but have not come up with anything? Thanks in advance.
  8. Finally Rebuilding Carb

    That’s it. The shaft connecting the pictures below. Thanks for the fast replies. I finally have a little hope in getting it running good again.
  9. Finally Rebuilding Carb

    I am just getting to rebuilding the carb since I’ve been busy. While taking everything apart, I noticed quit a bit of play in the shaft for the governor fins (I just don’t know what else it’s called). Is this normal and can this play be what is allowing extra air in my carb and causing my surging issue?
  10. Sputter/ dies on incline

    So I took the entire fuel system apart from tank to carb. Found a piece of rubber in tank shutoff. Not sure how it got there so I’m taking the tank off and giving it a good cleaning. I’m assuming this will cure my problem. Thanks for advice everyone.
  11. Sputter/ dies on incline

    The carb in need of work but it has been working fine if I even it out with the choke. It is ok on flat or down hill. I’m starting to lean towards something in the tank or the float for the gauge. i did notice the fuel cap seems to have cracked and fuel does come out. Any way this is causing a problem?
  12. Sputter/ dies on incline

    It is better with a full tank but still not perfect. It’s not an OEM pump but it’s one that was recommended to me in here and it is same style.
  13. Sputter/ dies on incline

    I just replaced everything because it was old. I will drain tank and check filter in tank. If the screen was clogged wouldn’t it be a problem all the time other then just in an incline?
  14. Sputter/ dies on incline

    520h is sputtering then dying on an incline or when I go forward from a stop quickly. Has more then half a tank of gas. Runs fine otherwise. Fuel pump new, filters New and hoses new. Any ideas?
  15. 520h "surging?"

    Using carb cleaner I found the gasket between carb and intake. I read before that The Who carb has to come off. Can I buy that gasket independently or does it only come in a kit?