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  1. Got some more stuff painted including the frame! Looks real nice too. Started on the engine. The set screws in the drive pulley took some doing but i got them backed out just enough to remove it. It was scarey. Piston has a B stamped into it. From what i have read that is the bigger std bore? I dont have the tools to measure the cylinder at the moment. Once i get it measured im thinking about getting the complete engine overhaul kit from isavetractors...
  2. Front tach o matic

    Im looking for one like this to bolt to the side of my 68 raider frame
  3. Restored C-160 V-Twin

    The dual stacks look awesome. Thumbs up 👍
  4. Progress report. Got a few small parts stripped, primed, painted, and cleared. Super happy with the regal red. Hope to have the frame done in the next couple days.
  5. I may have the big ticket items like hood/fenders blasted.
  6. not much to report. Just been cleaning and removing paint. Initially i was going to just paint over the frame but i decided to strip it down to bare metal and will use rustoleum etching primer. Decided on rustoleum regal red with rustoleum clear. I dont typically paint my projects myself ( i have done a few dirt bikes and old trucks ect) but i have been studying up on how to get a nice looking rattle can job. Hope to order my trans rebuild kit with in the next week or 2. Then i will tear into the motor. This has been a fun project so far and a joy to work on this old tractor. A lot of excellant builds and projects on red square that have really inspired me! I kind of feel a little guilty as i have never done anything to my c81 except a quick tune up and grease job. Hope she dont get to jelous
  7. First wheelhorse project

    Put a few pounds of air in them and see if they will hold it long enough to take a spin down the driveway and check all the gears. Cool tractor!
  8. Stubborn Roll Pin Removel

    I have the same exact problem. You have a pic of the bit by any chance? My steering wheel is in really nice shape and i dont want to break it trying to remove as i think i can work around it possibly.
  9. Put my oldest son to work today cleaning with a tooth brush. 👍 Waiting on some chemicals and cleaners i ordered online so i can clean up all the parts in a make shift parts washer. At this point, i think kit #4 and a new shift fork should do it. I was wondering that myself being there was no paint on them
  10. Got the trans split open. Kind of nasty inside. Hi/Lo shift fork has a lot of wear. The gears have some wear also on the teeth. I will try and get the other shafts out and inspected next day or so and get a parts list together. Let me know what you guys think or see thus far
  11. 1986 312-8 w/ Deck

    I know this post is old but you still have it for sale?
  12. Made some more progress tonight. Lots of metal in the gear box oil so i prep it and got her ready to split cases open. Found a small crack on the underside. Hope its a casting mark and not damage from ice freezing up inside. Time will tell.
  13. Im all in. 😀 Any tips on getting the steering wheel off the shaft? And is there any info on the start/generator i can read up on? Im not familiar with how that unit works. I didnt check to see if it was charging before hand and i wish i did.