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  1. My Onan doesn't have spark.......

    I couldn't get my 416-8 with an Onan P216 engine to start and tried every troubleshooting suggestion I could find with no results. When I decided to try to remove the flywheel to take a look at the Ignition Module I resorted to using a hammer on the wheel puller and still couldn't get the flywheel to move off the rusted crankshaft. After I gave up with that effort, I went back to the Ignition System Test procedure and got an indication of a spark. I reinstalled the spark plugs and the engine started. I drove the Wheel Horse to the shed and during cleanup noticed some clumps of dirt where the Wheel Horse had been parked. Close inspection of the dirt revealed an impression of what appeared to be the Ignition Module. My conclusion is that I dislodged a dirt dauber's nest from around the Ignition Module which allowed the ignition system to function correctly.