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    A couple blades, a couple 48" decks, a D Series blower, a grader blade, weights, chains, and enough parts to build another one......
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  1. My Spine Surgery

    Heck I have a little of that in me....I carry a couple clips in a sack....I hope a little humor is OK..... I wish you the best Bob M.....
  2. I think that is where the winch comes in Mike....
  3. service manuals

    Have you seen this one??? Page 5 explains the neutral adjustment for the pedal....sometimes it isn't too clear though on print. Tractor_1973_18hpAuto_OM_A-5326.pdf
  4. D 180 Parts manual

    Just a quick look in the downloads area list.....
  5. Wheel Horse D series Front AG Tires

    I like those rears tires also.....
  6. rubber bumpers?

    I got some a while is a link to the post...someone else found them.....
  7. oil leak on hydro ?

    I think a roll pin holds the little cam on....then there are 3 bolts or screws...under the plate you removed are 2 o rings....1 around the shaft....and another larger see when you open it up.... A member named Martin.......has a post about it.... @Martin
  8. Rare ???

    Looks like some kind of foot controlled directional deal there.....and some other extra goodies.....
  9. Hydro hoses

    It is an SAE #5 ORB fitting....all 4 of them on the old Sundstrands are the same....they are on my Charger and it is the same hydro.... Hope I am telling you right.... When I put new lines on mine I got SAE #5 ORB to JIC4 male fittings and used premade hoses from Surplus Center with JIC4 female ends....
  10. I suppose this had the pull throttle...they are to be turned to tighten so they don't slip back in...mine was similar... I drilled the knob and shaft...put a small tension pin though it....filed it OK now....
  11. looks better than white in my opinion.
  12. Well...if you do then you could add a decal at anytime if you want....
  13. Look sideways at