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  1. 520H Transmission Leaking Oil??

    Weird but i think the fluid drain back / burping may have been it. Driveway is at a slant and rear was lower.. I lifted seat to pull dipstick only to see fluid near top so It seems like it was spilling out from there. I started it, raised deck, drove it over to other driveway, parked sidways and re-checked dipstick.. Now the oil is not visible inside the tube. Thanks a lot brothers!
  2. Haven't used it in a couple weeks and noticed wet spot on driveway underneath it. Thought fuel line but feels like oil. What would cause this and what should i do to fix it? Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
  3. 244H with Front Blade and 19.5 b&s engine??

    Will this works on the 520H?
  4. 244H with Front Blade and 19.5 b&s engine??

    Thanks brothers. Nuff said. Not worth it and wont bother. Lol. I'll be patient and hunt for attachments for my already great 520H.
  5. 244H with Front Blade and 19.5 b&s engine??

    Thanks a lot brother. Will follow tour recomendations. Much appreciated; again.
  6. 244H with Front Blade and 19.5 b&s engine??

    I like the hydro and not having to strongarm anything. Lol. Something similar to if not the same 520H would be great if gotten cheap (hair above what plow itself is going for) because then i'd not have to change implements. Lol. So.. The 244H is vertical even with the dofferent engine and the plow on it would most likely not work on the horizontal 520H? And vertical shaft not as strong as horizontal for heavy plowing etc?
  7. 244H with Front Blade and 19.5 b&s engine??

    Ah; okay. Hm.. Gotta wait for some goods to show up on craigslist then. Lol. What other wheel horse tractors are up there with the 520H ?
  8. 244H with Front Blade and 19.5 b&s engine??

    What's the big rake-like thing for? And the one with the disks on it? This is the only thing on rear of mine...
  9. 244H with Front Blade and 19.5 b&s engine??

    Thanks WHX. Really want something to move ground with, not so much snow as i've not had a problem witb getting out driveway with the rwd 4Runner yet. Lol. Would like to level uneven / bumpy lawn. What are options for this type of job? Is a tiller better or is that for acheiving a different goal? I'd imagine a tiller would cost more than a blade.. And trying to keep cost low but if the job can only be done by 1 tool.. So be it. Ah... Now i see WVH. Moldboard is the blade and tou just pushed it out farther. Ok. Lol.
  10. 244H with Front Blade and 19.5 b&s engine??

    Lol.. Thanks WHX. I gotta see if i have the rear axle mounts.. Not even sure. WVH.. Thanks for the info. Um; what am i looking at? Lol. Super novice at these things since was raised in a concrete jungle. Are their two types of plow for the 520H; one with the long frame that needs extension under and another which mounts on front and doesn't need extension? I see some short with those dual springs in front and others longer without them. What's best? Also seen some that said center mount blade/grader... So it's supposed to shave earth right below you between tires? What's best?
  11. 244H with Front Blade and 19.5 b&s engine??

    Hmm.. Interesting. What's Repo mean?.. I'm used to it meaning taken back for non payment. Lol. Also.. Whats a good price for a plow?.. Most i see want 250 and up.. Just thought if i could get another horse with something on it for just a hair more.. I'd be winning. Lol. Thanks brothers.
  12. Link deleted; sorry about that brother What's something like that worth? Exploring options since i can't seem to find a cheap plow or anything for my 520H.
  13. Thinking about larger rear deck wheels...

    Anyone ever use those from tractor supply with the grease fittings?
  14. Thinking about larger rear deck wheels...

    Thanks for the tip brother. I will see if i can emulate larger wheels by putting an inch of something under rear wheels and see if it hits before moving fwd. Email sent brother. cleat... Thanks for the washer, blade, thicker washer order brother. Seems they were put in the wrong way. I'll have to fix that next time around.