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  1. 520H No start

    Update... I took my meter back out again, using a jumper to a ground. I tried to test the Blue wire still on the connector. No luck. I pulled the blue wire off, tested, 12V good... I then tried to test the back side of the connector while it was still off. 12V, so I left my meter probe in the back side of the connector and pushed it onto the connector on the starter/solenoid. This is while I had my Left hand on the Ignition key to the Start position. Several times I tried and it seemed as soon as I touched the connector with the blue wire, I would lose the 12 Volts. However, while doing this, the Headlights/Taillights, suddenly came ON. They haven't been on since I bought it in April before trailering it 3 hours home. What in the world does the blue starter wire have to do with the headlights? Anyway, I continued on, I thought the starter was shorted and the load was killing it. I decided to try Jump starting it as suggested. I found a good piece of solid wire of sufficient length. I left the blue wire/connector ON the starter, I then pushed the stripped end of the solid wire into the back side of the connector. I then touched the other end of the wire to the Positive Battery terminal. The starter kicked over. Ok, it must be the wire. I then took off the wire and turned the key, it turned over, started, headlights work. Everything seems great. Any ideas? The Spade side of the connector on the Blue wire always tested 12 Volts, so it doesn't seem like a loose connection there. Possibly crud on the "Blade" side of that connector that is ON the starter? Still surprised the headlights started working again. How many Volts does your meter show when the tractor is running? Mine shows a solid 12 volts with my external meter, but the Meter ON the tractor looks more like 11 volts. Also, I believe the previous owner replaced the stock battery with a Car battery, it's not a typical lawn and garden one like on the 416-8 I had/have that isn't running. Thanks for the help, 3 weeks of cutting grass with the push mower is OVER!
  2. 520H No start

    So, I took my meter, put it on a ground, disconnected the blue wire to the starter, turned the key and had 12 volts. So, that means all of the safety switches are good, and the wire. So does that mean it is the starter/solenoid for sure, or do I need to test something else?
  3. 520H No start

    Thanks for the link, that should help a lot!
  4. 520H No start

    1995 I believe, I'll give that a try. Thank you!
  5. 520H No start

    Not yet, the Previous Owner already disabled most or all of the safety switches, like the seat.
  6. 520H No start

    FYI: I did take out all 3 fuses, and I could measure 12V across the fuse holders.
  7. 520H No start

    Since I bought this in April, I had one time when I went out and it wouldn't start, no turning over, just dead, but the battery etc was good. I looked around for awhile, didn't really do anything, and it just worked. It's been several months, and hasn't done that again until last week. I checked the battery again, looked for any loose wires, etc No luck. The gauges, test lights all come on. How do I see if the starter is getting power? I saw the 2 big nuts, one has a wire, the other doesn't. There is also a small white push on type connector wire. Where do I check for 12Volts? Any other thoughts of possible suspect areas to check for a loose wire? On a slightly related note, when I bought it, the headlights/taillights worked, by the time I trailered it home 3 hours, they didn't work, but everything else did, Thanks, Sam
  8. I have a 416-8 and the PC board is shot. Did anyone come across a way to repair or replace them?
  9. So, I received the PC Board from eBay, took it to the shop, it's been almost 4 weeks, so I figured what that meant. (They are only open Wed-Sat) I stopped by today, they said the used board doesn't work and he hasn't been able to find another one. So, I would really like to get one or have this one fixed. The shop assumes it's a diode or IC chip problem because he tested a lot of the resistors. My board seems to have about 5 bad resistors, the "used eBay" board has 3 that are out of spec, but should have been close enough. I put in a request on the eBay board to return it. Thanks, Sam
  10. Either, but for now I found one on eBay for $59.99 I still might be interested in participating in a group buy if you want to make new ones. I now have a 1990 416-8 and a 1995 520-H When I get the eBay board, I'll take close up pictures, and when I get the current board out, I'll take pictures. Thanks, Sam
  11. Thanks, is it a working board you have? I believe I may have this one: 115207 The shop that has it is closed today, I'm going to check with them tomorrow. I have another member with a possible board and one other lead. Thanks, Sam
  12. So, did you create a replacement board? Mine fried on my 1990 416-8 about 2 weeks ago. I'm looking for a repair or replacement. Thanks, Sam
  13. Does anyone have a working used one for sale or a place to repair them?Thanks,Sam