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  1. I have a 416-8 and the PC board is shot. Did anyone come across a way to repair or replace them?
  2. So, I received the PC Board from eBay, took it to the shop, it's been almost 4 weeks, so I figured what that meant. (They are only open Wed-Sat) I stopped by today, they said the used board doesn't work and he hasn't been able to find another one. So, I would really like to get one or have this one fixed. The shop assumes it's a diode or IC chip problem because he tested a lot of the resistors. My board seems to have about 5 bad resistors, the "used eBay" board has 3 that are out of spec, but should have been close enough. I put in a request on the eBay board to return it. Thanks, Sam
  3. Either, but for now I found one on eBay for $59.99 I still might be interested in participating in a group buy if you want to make new ones. I now have a 1990 416-8 and a 1995 520-H When I get the eBay board, I'll take close up pictures, and when I get the current board out, I'll take pictures. Thanks, Sam
  4. Thanks, is it a working board you have? I believe I may have this one: 115207 The shop that has it is closed today, I'm going to check with them tomorrow. I have another member with a possible board and one other lead. Thanks, Sam
  5. So, did you create a replacement board? Mine fried on my 1990 416-8 about 2 weeks ago. I'm looking for a repair or replacement. Thanks, Sam
  6. Does anyone have a working used one for sale or a place to repair them?Thanks,Sam