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  1. Rear blade as a hiller?

    That was something I was looking at also. I don't have a disk yet. I read so many things about how they don't really work in garden tractor size that I was kinda on the fence about getting one. Would the older ones be better than a newer one? I have to assume that like everything else the older ones were heavier. Thanks for the replies guys. This is my first year using a garden tractor and this site has been very helpful with helping me figure things out.
  2. Rear blade as a hiller?

    Oh I know. I was shocked to find out the number of attachments that used to be made for these things that aren't anymore. I picked up an 8 inch brinley moldboard this summer and quickly realized that is the way to go instead of fighting a tiller. It works well with the 1054 even though its a bit undersized. Let's just say it can be somewhat exciting with the suburban though.
  3. Rear blade as a hiller?

    Thanks for the replies. I was under the impression that they could be angled like a front dozer blade. I see them pop up on cl pretty cheap once in a while and that's what got me thinking....... Dangerous I know
  4. Rear blade as a hiller?

    Any ever tried to use a rear mounted blade as a hiller/row maker in well worked soil? That may not be the correct term, but you get what I'm saying right? I realize it would put a lot of space between rows, but I'm wanting to be able to pull wagon loads of compost and grass clippings between the rows during the summer. Thanks
  5. A very bad day......

    This was the way I went and used some of the epoxy putty been working great for a couple weeks now
  6. What engine

    I was just looking on eBay. Some of those prices for parts are crazy!
  7. What engine

    Thanks. I knew there was a 1 in there somewhere. I'll get some pics tomorrow. What do good running k-91s go for usually? This is kind of a hurry project so don't have time for a rebuild. We got it in hopes our push mower would get us through another month or so but it gave up the ghost.
  8. What engine

    Over the weekend I bought a fairly nice little suburban 550(I think) with a deck and plow. It has a transplanted h60 in it. It runs but not well and I would much rather have a Kohler anyway. Is it the k-181 that would fit? And what is a reasonable price for the engine if I find one? This little guy is going to be used mainly for mowing and possibly a little snow plowing just for kicks. Thanks guys
  9. additive in gas

    Something I've wondered over the years.....ethanol is usually made from corn. If we have so much corn we can turn it into fuel, why do we still have so many people going hungry? Heard on the radio a while back that 1 in 4 people aren't getting enough to eat.
  10. additive in gas

    What made me wonder, was looking at some info that our engines are designed to be run at WOT all the time where as a car spends alot of time at idle and cruising below our engines rpms. I suspect that over the entire life of the engine it comes close to averaging out on total number of Rpms turned. I know that my bronco very rarely hit 3k RpMs, but I don't get in a hurry anymore. Got a few tickets back when I had the money to have muscle cars;)
  11. A very bad day......

    That may be the plan, eventually. But first I need another horse, like you guys say you can never have just one. Just too handy to be without for very long. I am hopeful of getting a moldboard plow in time for getting the garden in this year.
  12. A very bad day......

    Just went and had a chat with the neighbor. His son works at a weld shop and is going to take a look at it sunday evening if not before. Seems it may work out being far easier to get fixed than I was thinking. Thanks for all the suggestions, you guys have helped me with a lot of problems before I even signed up for this site.
  13. A very bad day......

    Lol, well I did notice a little moisture around the axle seal which is what made me decide to check/ change the oil in the first place. And I'm kinda picky about maintenance. We thought this was an older restoration, but as it turns out they just painted it, didn't even bother to clean the grease off in areas.
  14. A very bad day......

    I'm not real familiar with jb weld, would it hold up well enough to removing the plug to check oil every week or so? You guys are giving me hope that I may get to use this to plow the garden with this year after all!
  15. A very bad day......

    Oh shoot! I was so upset by it breaking I forgot to post mandatory pics Here's the problem