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  1. Hello from Greenville South Carolina

    Thanks for the warm welcome and the PDF manuals! I'm impressed with this community and glad I bought a Wheel Horse. This weekend I dug thru parts schematics at partstree.com and then searched around by part number to find decent prices. I ended up placing an order with mowpart.com because they had good prices and seem able to source all the parts. My order hasn't shipped yet, so still waiting to see if they can really source everything I ordered. I also found this old Toro Wheel Horse dump wagon on craigslist for $75. It's seen better days, but will be a solid worker after I install a set of inner tubes (or new tires). There is a faded white label that reads "No. 15516" but I'm not sure if that is a model or serial number.
  2. Hello folks! We only have a half acre of grass, but I was tired of sweating in the SC sun using a tiny 21" push mower. I looked at brand new riding mowers, but just couldn't bring myself to spend that kind of money for a flimsy looking machine. So I started searching for well made vintage machines and discovered Wheel Horse. I found this 312-8 on craigslist and dragged it home for $360. Somebody tried to touch it up with red spray paint (ugh) but it runs and mows. Here's what I know so far: it's a 312-8 with a 42" SD deck and a Kohler Magnum 12. Sadly a serial number is nowhere to be found (maybe painted over?). The engine numbers are also faded to oblivion. The deck is a 05-42MS05. Can anyone help identify the model year? I'm guessing 1987+ because it has the M12. More photos here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5dezknlauktq4ti/AADS3wug2ixnNy0nIiiHaIsEa?dl=0 I'm planning to change fluids, new tires & tubes, and new blades. Where is the best place to buy parts online? I figure my local dealer(s) will be more expensive for parts. Thanks! Daniel in Greenville, SC
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