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  1. This is Big Goof.  How much for the parts in the last photo you sent me?  The flat pulley, the plate on the right, and the arm on the left.

  2. Please send me your email address, and I will send you two pictures of my GT14.  Maybe it will make more sense of the pulley I am trying to find.


    Big Goof

  3. Aldon,  please send me your email address so that I can forward you two pictures.  Hopefully it will explain my dilemma on trying to find the correct pulley.


    Big Goof

  4. 1971 GT-14

    Is your tractor equipped with an electric pto? There is "v" belt pulley that is mounted to the sized of the frame, not the pulley that sets "side ways" at the bottom of the frame. Trying to find out diameter of this pulley, and size belt used. I appreciate any help. "Big Goof" randy.griffin@outlook.com
  5. I have a 1970 or 1971 GT 14 Automatic with electric pto.  Trying to find out the diameter and "V" belt width pulley dimensions.  It isn't the one that sets "cock-eyed" at the bottom of the frame.  It has a 3/8" diameter pin that is welded to a bracket.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  6. Is your GT 14 equipped with an electric PTO?  I am trying to get the diameter of the tension pulley that rides on the 3/8" shaft bracket.  It is between PTO and deck on side of frame.  I am sure the belt is suppose to be 5/8" in diameter. 


    Trying to get dimension of my 5/8" pulley for my GT 14 Automatic with electric pto. Need diameter as my belt keeps flying off when engaged.

    I have a 1971 or 1972 GT 14 with an electric pto. The idler pulley on the was for a 3/8" wide belt, and the parts manual calls for a 5/8" width. Anyone who know the correct width and diameter of the pulley would help be a lot.
  9. GT-14 idler pulley

    In need of an idler pulley for a GT-14 (7452). If you have one, please let me know the width of the pulley as I have one on the mower, and I believe it is too narrow. Contact me at randy.griffin@outlook.com.
  10. BIG GOOG

    Can someone tell me the belt size (width x length) for my GT14 -7452 tractor? I also think the idler pulley I have is wrong. My paperwork calls for #7434, and I need one that is the correct size. Deck width is 48".
  11. Looking for dash plate and either throttle shaft or entire carburetor for my K321S, Type 6010B, 14H.P. Kohler engine and 1971 GT14 Automatic tractor. Do you have either one or know who I may contact?

    1. A-Z Tractor

      A-Z Tractor

      I don't have a dash plate for the GT14. As for the carb I have some carbs here but they all have play in the throttle shaft. I want to rebuild them and make good ones out of them but I am to busy this time of the year to do that. I understand that there is a guy on red square that remakes a lot of the plastic dash parts.  I didn't buy anything from him and not sure what his name is but remember others talking about it. If you need anything else or have more questions feel free to email me at aztractor255@gmail.com or call me at 1-717-821-2542

  12. Kohler k series engines k91-k341

    Looking for a carburetor for my GT14 automatic. Engine is a Kohler 14HP, K321S, type 6010B. Let me know if you have one,
  13. Kohler Carburetor

    Do you know if carburetor will work on my K321S, type 6010B engine? My Kohler is a 14 HP on my 1971 GT14 automatic tractor.
  14. GT14 with 50in mowing deck

    Looking for a throttle shaft or entire carburetor for my GT14 automatic. Engine is a Kohler K321S, type 6010B.
  15. 14 auto

    Looking for a throttle shaft or entire carburetor for my GT14 automatic. Engine is a Kohler K321S, type 6010B.