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  1. Looking for information on my deck for my GT 14.
  2. Trying to get information on the belt width, length, etc.  Also would like to find someone who has the adjustor on the left, and the arm on the right of flat pulley in photo.  Seems as thought the belt rubs the adjustor.  Let me know if you get message and photo this time.


    1. ztnoo


      Yes, I got the pic.

      Did you look at the parts image breakdown I private messaged you?

      It has part numbers on it, so you can take those numbers from the illustration and inquire of VENDORS if they have the parts you need.

      I am not a vendor. I have no parts inventory or anything for sale.

      Good luck.

  3. Try to get a picture and information on my GT14.  Do you have any photos that you could send me so I can compare my tractor to yours?  Let me know if you get image that indicates that it is uploaded.


    1. justnuf


      What did you want to know?


    2. BIG GOOF

      BIG GOOF

      Trying to get information on my GT14.  If you know about them or if you know someone who does, I would appreciate the info.  

  4. Didn't know if you were back in town, or if you had time to look to see if you had the lever arms for my GT 14.




    Big Goof

  5. Looking for lever arms that go on each side of the 3" flat pulley that puts tension on the deck belt.  Model number is 1-7452.  Can you help me or refer me to someone who may be able?

    1. ztnoo


      If you had some pics of the parts you are describing, it would be helpful.

      I really don't stock any parts for GT14s other than a few extra items I have collected for my own use over the years.

      I would suggest your best bet would be to place a Wanted ad in Classifieds with pics of what you are looking for.

      That will be your most likely place to find the part your seek.



  6. I don't know if you still have any of the parts for the GT14.  I need a couple of parts for mine.  If you still have the parts, please let me know.

  7. Can you send me photos of the 48" deck you have?  I really need the two arms on each side of the 3" flat pulley that is just above the deck.

  8. Did you sell your GT14?  I am looking for parts for my model 1-7452.  I have pictures of the deck parts I need.

    1. FatJackDurham


      nope, still have it. Not for sale.

    2. BIG GOOF

      BIG GOOF

      I appreciate your reply.  I wouldn't sell my either!

  9. I have a GT14, model 1-1752.  I am looking for some parts for the 48" deck I have.  I can send you pictures of what I need.  If you know of someone else that I could contact to find them, please let me know.

  10. Do you still have any deck parts for 1970-1971 GT14?  If so, please let me know.

  11. This is Big Goof.  How much for the parts in the last photo you sent me?  The flat pulley, the plate on the right, and the arm on the left.

  12. Please send me your email address, and I will send you two pictures of my GT14.  Maybe it will make more sense of the pulley I am trying to find.


    Big Goof

  13. Aldon,  please send me your email address so that I can forward you two pictures.  Hopefully it will explain my dilemma on trying to find the correct pulley.


    Big Goof

  14. 1971 GT-14

    Is your tractor equipped with an electric pto? There is "v" belt pulley that is mounted to the sized of the frame, not the pulley that sets "side ways" at the bottom of the frame. Trying to find out diameter of this pulley, and size belt used. I appreciate any help. "Big Goof" randy.griffin@outlook.com
  15. I have a 1970 or 1971 GT 14 Automatic with electric pto.  Trying to find out the diameter and "V" belt width pulley dimensions.  It isn't the one that sets "cock-eyed" at the bottom of the frame.  It has a 3/8" diameter pin that is welded to a bracket.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!