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  1. Briggs 5hp

    Now don't be giving me any ideas! Ha ha ha!
  2. Briggs 5hp

    Installing a 5hp Briggs with 1 " shaft onto a Early 70's Raider.
  3. It is a nice engine, said to be the best one they ever made? We shall see.......
  4. Little update, charging system of the W1-390. All self contained minus battery. I thought to run some wires up to a key switch no biggy....... W1-390d.docx WR-W1-340_W1-390(1).pdf I'll get a picture as the pulley is off right now.
  5. estimate what one should pay?
  6. No Brakes!

    Parking pall lever, should be moving the parking lever, engage, disengage. The hydro stops it going forwards with the neutral pedal, then I use the forward motion lever by hand when traveling in reverse. I know there are different set ups for D's, including the turning brakes.
  7. D200 W/ loader BIG project

    Excellent find! If I could be so lucky! You'll enjoy this rebuild, very satisfying indeed!
  8. I can only guesstimate this engine is 11hp. Anyone know if the bearing would endure a PTO? What is the value new in the box?
  9. K 482-Possible Seal Leak?

    Excellent, I will take mine off and replace the gasket while inspecting and or cleaning what I can.
  10. K 482-Possible Seal Leak?

    Sarge has a leak in a pump, I think. I may have one in the engine.
  11. K 482-Possible Seal Leak?

    Pump housing? Oil Pump? Perhaps having the whole machine running really well and quiet too, is sufficient.......
  12. K 482-Possible Seal Leak?

    Hello, I replaced the transmission pump and cleaned up the engine in the process. I didn't see any problematic areas on the block aside from the valve cover gaskets. Now that everything was back together there was a small leak from the oil drain pipe. I re-fit and sealed that. Several days passed and now there is a small drop of oil hanging on the bottom engine shroud, flywheel side. The oil dripped onto the PTO shaft and then gathers and drops mid-frame! I will keep cleaning the PTO shaft and am hoping it is residual from the gathered oil under the block? Any thoughts should this be ongoing? Perhaps the engine seal behind the flywheel? I bet that's the culprit! I have everything cleaned now, so taking apart the front end and getting to the engine to move it, is no big deal. I wonder if I should use lock-tite on the spline whenever I join the two back together after replacing the seal? (engine and pump) I seen the old manual states molly grease.Then also seen the maintenance advisory (1978) concerning the lock-tite on the spline with the splined washer install. (good luck finding the splined washer)........
  13. Quality Product!

    Hello, As many of you know, Terry has been doing this craft part time for quite awhile. I just feel compelled to post something on his behalf. I have purchased many sets of decals from Terry at Redo Your Horse and let me tell you he is the absolute best at what he does! I can be a very annoying individual and when I have had to call him with an issue, he greets me with nothing but professionalism. I have many horses that look absolutely great thanks to him and his knowledge of Wheel Horse/Toro Tractors. So I give praises to Terry at Redo Your Horse!
  14. Kohler K482

    I like the needle. I did get it with shipping for 22.50 It's missing the bracket, but I have a few of them around.......Good choice, hopefully.
  15. That is a great machine to have and the stand is excellent! I would love to have such a set up, we had one similar on a job I worked years ago. Nice job on the exhaust flanges! Say, don't forget to make a pair for me too! Ha ha ha! I do have a another shaft for the pump I removed, which still worked but the spline was about all.......I thought I had a bad seal on the flywheel side as oil was gathering and dropping dead center off the bottom of the engine shroud. Here it was the pipe in the block for the oil drain. It was tight but not making a seal, oil would go under the block and then work it's way around! I was dreading having to take everything all apart again! Ha ha ha! I was wondering about how long my pump and coupling will last? Sell it quick! Ha ha ha! No, just kidding. Oh, I don't like the seat bracket assembly. If I put the seat back enough to have room, it'll hit the fuel tank when driving, denting it and stuff? I need a hoist to get off the tractor! Ha ha ha! I think the oil leak is under control.......You can see I cleaned the spot very thoroughly the paint was washed off! (all the plumbing was made in the USA)