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  1. kohler rectifier k181-k582

    Yes, the gauge I am using may not be that accurate, I will search and by a new rectifier. As per gwest I agree a solid ground is crucial. I have the circuit modified with the amp meter bypassed/removed and a volt meter in place grounded to a block behind the dash. I seen the charging volts high and I won't run the engine too long that way for sure! Oldman
  2. kohler rectifier k181-k582

    Right, whenever I tested it outside the tractor and plugged into the harness, I ran a solid ground and it worked great. So then I already had the surface cleaned very well. I may just go ahead and install and additional ground as stated. Rectifiers can be dysfunctional due to that grounding issue and then people can't figure it out as the rectifier and or regulators test out fine on the bench. Sears are good for placing theirs in bad locations, which are also almost impossible to get to! The 18 auto isn't too bad to get to from the ground with a 1/4 drive, using a 1 inch extension. (I prefer mine inside) Some people just mount a new one outside and it is susceptible to damage that way. My volt gauge is after market and probably isn't too great, but it is resisting the rain, "for now", Lol! I have a nice W.S. on reserve. I changed the circuit to allow a volt meter and bypassed/removed the amp gauge altogether. I also installed a solid grounding block behind the dash. I have the modified schematic handy if anyone needs one. Thanks for the reply, enjoy the day! Regards, Oldman
  3. Hello, I am getting 13v dc at idle and 15-16v dc at full throttle. I hope this is fine as I am using my last rectifier right now. Regards, Oldman
  4. Kohler k482 overheating?

  5. Kohler k482 overheating?

    Let me go outside here when it cools off and run it again since the last adjustments. OK, I went outside and fired 'er up right, the heat issue has ceased, perhaps by tightening the 8th inch line from the oil pump to the block helped? Although the rectifier finally went! I had a spare from a kohler k241, old style and the plug matched correctly, so it charges at 16v full throttle and 13v at an idle. The heating up thingy seems to have ceased, for now! I will keep an eye on the oil safety shut-off though!
  6. Kohler k482 overheating?

    Smell & smoke. The PTO belt "melting from the heat off the pulley" and it's not clutch related.
  7. Kohler k482 overheating?

    been there done that too
  8. Kohler k482 overheating?

    Lol! I did manage to do all the tilling needed, but now am anxious about the heat issue and will check under the tin as pfrederi@ suggested. Thanks men, muchly appreciated.......Oh, what about the low level oil sensor?
  9. Kohler k482 overheating?

    I run full throttle, engage the tiller, sink @ 2-3 inches goes about 4 feet begins to stall. shut off PTO quick and lower the throttle, it recovers. Run full throttle no tiller attached runs fairly decent. Checked PTO shaft while disconnect from tiller, turns as it should with mild resistance from the PTO brake. Ran beautiful after tightening the lines but I have not put it under load yet.......
  10. Kohler k482 overheating?

    u know I did remove a mud wasp nest on top the block, I wonder.......
  11. Kohler k482 overheating?

    Hello, my k482 is leaking oil on the rear main seal onto the PTO shaft, and works it's way to the mid frame and then drips! I have been driving it all Winter and this Spring, no issues. Now it overheats whenever I try to run the rototiller for a minute or two. I let it cool down and will double check the oil. I really don't want to risk hurting the bearings or anything just to plant grass seed! Looks like another tear down, must loosen the block, slide it forwards and replace the seal. Of coarse the whole grill will need removed as well. Now, there is a valve off the carburetor to the top of the oil pump, (PCV valve?) it allows air through one direction and the other air trickles past the seal? I believe this was addressed in another post already? Well, checked the pcv + and the small brass line, tightened the brass line. Checked the fuel line & pump +. Oil level finally settled and it is +. The oil pump was turning as well? Strange....... Oldman
  12. TRU POWER 26 x 12-12 Tires (Complete Wheels)

    Changed Price to 275.00 (price reduction)
  13. Sears Implements

    Changed Price to 1 "make offer"
  14. Sears Implements

    Two Bottom Plows 75.00-L 65.00-S Disc (disassembled) 50.00 Push Blade 85.00 Wheel Weights & Chains 55.00 Three Point Hitch 85.00 Center-link 75.00/55.00 Front Support & Weight's-100lbs (one of a kind) 75.00 48" Deck & Mule 75.00 Original Deck(shell repaired) disassembled-50.00
  15. sleeve hitch & rockshaft kit 312-8

    Looking to find a functional used rockshaft kit and sleeve hitch assembly for 312-8.