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  1. Hello, I received the finished product, now it's time to paint. I ask for paint suggestions between Red & Black? Oldman
  2. DSC02513.JPG

    There is a Forrester, he has a very similar build using the same wheel horse with cub rear and it pulls like mad! Only his exhaust headers shoot out of the hood, flames! Huge Kohler V-Twinn! This one here is excellent! Oldman
  3. DSC02513.JPG

    I've heard of different cub parts incorporated into wheel horse pulling tractors, especially the 8 bolt rear. I'd like to see the steering mod., perhaps make use it myself one day? I wouldn't mind building one to see the pulling capacity even just here at home! Nice looking set up on those machines. good work. Oldman
  4. DSC02513.JPG

    Hello, are you running standard transmission's on these beauties? Oldman
  5. I found the linkage is not refurbished to any effect. I too believe the pump vibrates the creeping motion is a side effect of that. I would prefer the C-195 but it is extremely rare with a three point and live pto. I enjoy the tractor greatly and just realize it has it's limitations. Seriously, I would like to be rid of all the other tractors in my collection, but there is no money in it to be had in this region. You can't just give them away without the remorse....... Oldman
  6. Hello, It's the 18 Auto-73 (parking pawl) yes it will but it puts a lot of pressure against that pawl. I say (D) because it's easier to type! Oldman
  7. Hello, I thought that I'd share a pair of implements from Ballard Fabrication of Ohio. The stabilizer mounts to a USA made cat 0 draw bar, which is spaced at 2" on center, secured with two 1/2 diameter bolts. (not the bar from China). The carry all will be a help for sure the bottom section will be 2ft in length to accommodate my generator, (if need be)! Of coarse other things can be carried as well. I would love to build a PTO driven generator however, the D has a terrible habit of drifting in the worse possible moment! Lol Oldman
  8. New Ag Tires on D-Series Rims. 12 x 10.50, 6 x 6 Lug Pattern 4-1/2 Center Hole. Will trade for Cat 0 Implements or items of equal value..... (Will hold with a deposit only) Sold as is, where is. No shipping. Send pm or use e-mail provided. Thanks for looking. Oldman
  9. 8 speed shift lever 95-7684

    Changed Status to Closed
  10. No response to Raider 12 purchase

    He's just a newbie? Could be that as well. You really want another ? I really do have a Raider in need of an engine and TLC. Oldman
  11. Hello, I would like to know if the re-manufactured hoses do become available from Lowell, please keep me in mind for a set then. Oldman
  12. "I can't wait to see the end results for that mod", nice work Oldman
  13. No response to Raider 12 purchase

    could be he's just a dummy....... Oldman