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  1. 18 Auto/ D series Brake Pedal #Toro 101064

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  2. Glad to hear you were not injured by that gal and yes it would be better had she cleaned her windows! The tall wheels are great, no problems so far and the rototiller does not ground out into my cement going in/out of the garage! I would rather have the factory wheels if they engineered the three point to raise higher, but the thinner tires are ideal. I had them align with the front tires rather than centered under the fenders, but that's fine. I don't think it'll sling mud at me or anything.......I really like the "look" of the wheels. I just hope the hydro units hold up and I'm not left stuck in the road somewhere's! Ha ha ha! Oldman
  3. Ya but I bet you get more Snow in your area than we do here? Now as far as Tractors on the road, well, they fly around here, going under one lane bridges full speed, etc. Especially when poor viability in the am. Surprised there is no insurance requirements for Farm Tractors and such? So you had a vehicle smack you while on the tractor and lived to tell about it, man, that must have been a messed up day! I may just dig up that old lamp assembly and see if I can mount it without making holes in anything? Use an existing bolt somehow? You must post some pictures then whenever you put that together awhile....... Oldman
  4. Hello, the spacing between the large Phillips headed screws is 3", center-center. So your reflector can fit nicely between them at 2-1/2 " x 1". I couldn't understand that having those glued there? However, nice LED's would be ideal! I'd also like a rear headlamp same as the headlights. I do have an old sears suburban single headlight assembly? However, now that you mentioned LED's, less power and brighter, maybe set on a separate toggle? Oldman
  5. Oh, well Tractor Supply has some. I see them available almost every tractor pull, or the Marion Auctions here in PA. I see a set of amber I could set them aside? Something like these? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Amber-Red-Clearance-2-Diode-2-5-LED-Oval-Side-Marker-Lamp-Light-Truck-Trailer/231208437063?hash=item35d518c547:g:KbQAAOSwxu5ZDTQw&vxp=mtr eBay item 231208437063 Oldman
  6. 18 Auto, D-160,180,200 Frame Access Panel-Chbg, PA

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  7. Rear combine weights at 160 ea., how on earth did you manage to get them on the wheel? Must be getting some wicked traction for sure!
  8. Oh, ya=on the rear fenders. Have you checked with A-Z Tractor? He is pretty well stocked and fair prices........One of mine is on crooked from the factory, I will remove them when the finish Paint is done, but I don't want to crack them either. Oldman
  9. Thanks Sarge, I didn't see this post for a spell? You wanted to know the headlamp make? I did buy them new but the rubber was still there. http://www.lightingsupply.com/4411.aspx?&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI_-vNgLTT2AIVipEbCh13MARpEAQYAiABEgK3q_D_BwE I hope this helps? I hadn't heard from anybody in awhile? OK, well, back to it then. Oldman
  10. 8 speed 103907 312-8

    Another excellent picture! Well, that is amazing because even though I know the plug is there, I always have to reach around under there to find it! I filled the transmission back up with kerosene and sat and watched with amazement as nothing leaked! No complaints here though. Still I'll watch the underside of the transmission after filling it with the gear oil, again 90-140. Nice to have things work out for a change......."knock on wood". Oldman
  11. 8 speed 103907 312-8

    Hello, I run the kerosene through and flushed the seals and then drained the rest through the plug. Someone correct me I'm wrong? The seals prevent heavy oil from leaking but I don't believe they will prevent kerosene from passing......
  12. 8 speed 103907 312-8

    Well, the kerosene soak didn't go as planned! I went out to the shop and seen a nice three foot round puddle under the tractor! The kerosene made it's way out of the transmission, perhaps a very bad gasket? Hopefully the case are not cracked! I do have another eight speed on a parts machine if need be, but this ruins my idea of using this tractor through the Winter for sure.......I'll run another test again tomorrow and watch for the leak, perhaps I dumped the kerosene too quickly through the shift hole and it overflowed? I always run into challenges while working on things, better now than later on.......
  13. I have this one for you. Also, what pictures would you like to see while the tractor is apart? Oldman
  14. Hello, I mentioned changing the drive belt on this 312-8. The break down for this machine shows part 108501 which is 5/8 x 81. I removed the existing belt and discovered a strange thing, but not too uncommon, a belt 1/2 x 82! I believe this was done to cut corners or something? Now I am going to go with the part 7473 which is 5/8 x 82. This 1/2 x 82 belt, is full of cracks, and would help to explain the rattling while in neutral and the serious squeal engaging the clutch! Man, this machine has peeling paint like crazy and serious rust too. I will be slating this one for refurb in the spring, should look and drive, beautiful once complete.......(temporary hood from older 312-8).
  15. 8 speed 103907 312-8

    Oh, ya, the deck feels extremely heavy once up then it barely locks in place? Maybe the spring? I have yet to take that apart and see. I did take the belt cover off to see what was rattling? The old belt has many cracks so it may have been bouncing. I am just glad that there was no piston type tensioner on the idler pulley! (some of the 312-8 were supposedly built with one). Leicester aye, ever go to Worcester? Oldman