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  1. Planter-Sleeve Hitch S2H-BS

    Any question is a "good question". I never seen this type before, usually one that goes in front of the tractor. I have the 1045 with a set up in the front for a seeder, but it'll be off the sleeve hitch then.
  2. Planter-Sleeve Hitch S2H-BS

    I was told this one was originally "Orange". More than likely will be IH Red Frame and IH White Wheel.
  3. Planter-Sleeve Hitch S2H-BS

    Here is the newer unit with three point option-salty near a grand for one! Here is the feeder brush which hasn't changed all that much, so I can use them at 30 bucks ea.
  4. Planter-Sleeve Hitch S2H-BS

    I think you guys got me going in the right direction. Yes, it is sleeve hitch and the number on one of the castings is in the post title. Here is another planet jr I may be able to substitute a feeder brush from?
  5. Ok, well the pump seems to do it's job and good pressure, however, the engine seriously just bogs down drastically, almost like the governor isn't performing or the pump is too much for the engine? Very sad to see this. Also the oil level in the pump seemed to climb after a bit? The water coming out had white foam all through it at first, maybe rinsing factory chemicals out of the unit? Any thoughts greatly appreicated. Oldman
  6. I fought for this planter this morning, went too high, but it has the seed plate and moved freely. I couldn't match up this model to anything, anyone have an idea who made it? Oldman
  7. Gotta love o'l Orchid Beach! Here is some progress, all the assembly is done final part installed, the M22 fitting. Notice the wee dip stick, ridiculous to get between the high & low! I need a nice day to test run the unit. "Looks good".
  8. I needed to build a Power Washer as the one we had a very selfish person dismantled! I managed to at least retrieve the engine! Picked up this excellent Honda Chassis & Greencan Pump from CA. 2700 PSI. I didn't want to exceed the limit on the Subaru Robin EX13 (5 hp engine), so this should work wonderfully. I will be testing everything here soon. This is the engine I had to really tear into the carb and replace some governor springs, minor adjustments and it runs smooth. However, already not liking the Greencan Pump as it has a wee dip stick to maintain oil level, very difficult to get fluids between the high & low!
  9. Subaru Robin EX13-Carburetor

    I purchased an "after-market" and it worked beautifully, too good actually! The next day fuel everywhere, even the shutoff failed terribly! This is my second attempt to use these "China-made" products. whenever the materials used are not up to snuff, how do they keep right on making money? "Dummies like me", Lol! Any thoughts why the rubber used maybe? The dimensions are off on internal components as well, patent protection? OEM Subaru is 85.00! This forced me to take a closer look into the factory carb, low and behold, filthy immersion tube! I recycled the gaskets and bowl seal, re-installed the factory rebuild-runs super! (I also replaced the governor springs and adjustment). Greencan 2700 PSI-Canada
  10. Hooray! Good job! Oldman
  11. Tecumseh hh100 fuel pump

    E bay 8 bucks, look up item # 132348367825 I bought 5 of these already and they work great.
  12. I checked with A-Z as is posted above.
  13. Say, did you ever bother to contact A-Z Tractor? I will be hearing back from him today and I will check with him on a shaft, might be in luck.......No luck, sorry. Wheel Horse Show in June? Oldman
  14. What is this part?

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, I believe it is for lifting the engine from the frame, for an "Oldman like me", lol!
  15. You could check with A-Z, he has a good inventory of NOS or slightly used parts?