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  1. Hey Red Bread,

        If you want two sets of hubs I will sell them to you for $100 plus shipping I am near Batavia, N.Y. 14167 Zip(585) 469 5330 Thank You, Tractor puller ( Walt )

  2. Wanted mower deck to fit comando 6

    I am in search of a mower deck that will fit a comando 6 that i am currently building. Condition doesnt matter as long as it is complete with lift assembly and pulleys thanks email me at zdline22@gmail.com
  3. Wanted hubs for 1.125 axles

    I need a set of hubs for and 8 speed trans with 1.125 axle diameter email me if you have any you could part with thanks zdline22@gmail.com
  4. Stretched frame?

    Ok im thinking about stretching this frame from a comando 6 to fit this hood that i have. Another member posted that they believe this hood is from a raider 10? The frame from the comando 6 is 33 inches from the transaxle mounting plate to the front. I need about 3 to 4 inches to make the frame fit the hood. Would a raider 10 be a mid or long frame and doea anyone have a measurement from one? And where would be the best place to add a piece in to the frame? I was thinking in front of the plates that bolt on the frame for attaching things like the mower deck that way none of that changes and also drive belt length could stay the same. Then it would just have a little extra room in front of the engine and of course extend the steering shaft that runs to the front.
  5. Rear hubs

    I am looking for a set of 5 bolt rear hubs for 1 1/8 inch axles. I have 3 sets of hubs for 1 inch axles i would be willing to trade 2 sets are the 3 bolt kind and one set is 5 bolt kind if interested please email me or if anyone has a set for sale thanks
  6. Rear hubs

    I am looking for a set of 5 bolt rear hubs for 1 1/8 inch axles. I have 3 sets of hubs for 1 inch axles i would be willing to trade 2 sets are the 3 bolt kind and one set is 5 bolt kind if interested please email me or if anyone has a set for sale thanks
  7. Rescued a whole herd from the scrap yard today

    First question is this plate that the engine is bolted to an original part? Its not welded to the frame and looks fairly square so im assuming its not homemade engine is a tecumseh h80 by the way. Next question do these rounded fenders look like original wheel horse fenders? If they are they are on backwards im thinking they are from a 604 maybe Last question then ill post some pics. Can anyone identify this hood? It is longer then the comando 6 hood i have Engine in first pic is hm80 sorry missed a letter but it is locked up tight. Also is there a plate that bolts tonthe frame to properly locate a kohler k241. I have a comando 6 that i want to slap together with a quick spoof of paint and i have a good running k241 i would like to put on it for now until i get the tecumseh rebuilt thays why i would like a bolt on plate if it is out there or i guess i could make one
  8. Rescued a whole herd from the scrap yard today

    Ok finnaly got everything unloaded to have a better look ill post some pics then i have a few questions i hope someone can help me with.
  9. Stretched frame?

    Well i was doing some searching online and found a guy thay used a front axle from a john deere 200 series to widen the front end and that axle uses 1 inch spindles just have to make custom tie rods to attach to the steering bracket. I have a john deere 110 that i can pull the axle out of and use cause im already going to use the rear tiresa and wheels off of it and maybe the 10 horse kohler from it too, should be interesting
  10. Stretched frame?

    Ok good that will be nice being able to run a larger mower deck. Can anyone out there get me some measurements of the total length of a 520 frame maybe from trans mounting plate to the front thanks
  11. Stretched frame?

    I guess i should tell everyone why i neef all this info. I have an 8 speed rear with 1 1/8 axles that i would like to use with possibly a 520-8 frame and front axle but with sheet metal off of an older tractor and stretching the hood to make it long enough. I have 2 commando 6 tractors a 655 i believe and i think the other is a 604 i think it is missing alot of stuff. I have pics of most of them on my other post when i saved them from goin to the junk yard. The one commando 6 i purchased years ago had the 8 speed trans in and a locked up kohler engine. I will be posting some of the parts from those teactors in the for sale section maybe do some "horse trading" to get what i need for this project. If i use a 520 frame or stretch one to be the same as a 520 would i be able to use a mower deck from a 520 also?
  12. Stretched frame?

    Nice i like the cab. How do they offset the wheels in the back is it just the offset of the wheels, hubs or spacers?
  13. Stretched frame?

    I like that idea to anyone know about the front axles if there is one model that is wider the another?
  14. Stretched frame?

    Im starting to get some ideas goin i was thinking instead of cutting the frame and adding pieces in i could cut the original angle iron off of the transmission mounting plate and make new frame rails out of some heavier angle and add in the 3/4 round bar for the foot rests. Then the frame wouldnt have as maby weak spots from adding pieces in. It appears the original frame is 1/4 inch thick angle maybe substitute 3/8 thick angle and stretch a bit? I want to get started on this project soon but im looking to buy a house and move in the next 2 months and then get my new shop set up so i dont know if i will get started on it or not thanks for all the info and suggestions
  15. Stretched frame?

    Wow nice pics. I wasnt thinking of going that extreme maybe just like 6 to 8 inches or so to give the tractor a little bit larger of a look. Maybe like a sub-sub compact size if you know what i mean. In between a standard garden tractor and say a cub lowboy or something like that. Stretch the frame and hood a bit, add a 2 cylinder engine, and sone how make the stance a little wider too. Is there a front axle from one specific model that is wider then all the others or would that have to be custom made? Im just picturing something like and old tractor my grandfather had the front axle was really wide but i think doing that then the tractor needs to be stretched a bit to get the proportions rite. Anybody agree or am i just being crazy?