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  1. Mine is just because I really like the Ruger Oldarmy cap and ball revolver. Simple as that, great gun btw. Always dug black powder guns.
  2. Stained glass wheelhorse sign

    Very nice indeed. Being a sometimes actual stained glass artist myself I appreciate the craftsmanship. I recently purchased a vinyl plotter/cutter and may have to make something like this. A vinyl cutter allows one to cut out very intricate shapes from adhesive backed vinyl sheets in a multitude of colors. The lead adhesive backed strips used in the type of work shown gives the appearance of the "lead Came" used in traditional stained glass window construction and has a very authentic appearance I must say. Well done !
  3. Gave my wife a new rake and a new tarp. She gave me a concussion.
  4. Proper B80 coil bracket?

    You're welcome and thanks. I love this old girl but can take no credit for it's condition. I bought it this way, back in March. The guy was very good at what he did. He restored things for a hobby and then for a living. We are almost neighbors lol I live in NH. Good luck.
  5. Proper B80 coil bracket?

    Here is a picture of mine on a 77 B80 it's horizontal mounted. Hope it helps.
  6. Red Square 2018 Calendar Project

    Oldarmy's 1977 B80 8 speed
  7. 1977 B-80 8 speed

    This is my new to me in March 2017 1977 B80 8sp.. Work on the restoration was done by PO. It sports a 36" side discharge deck and has had an engine rebuild of the original 8hp Kohler. This Horse is still a working horse even though she looks purdy.
  8. Decals

    Vinyl, I bought a couple and they are nice quality, just take your time applying them.
  9. Old pics from Kens tractor

    Very cool, those old pamphlets are nice to see and have a value all their own. Thanks for sharing.
  10. New old guy here

    I thought I would revive this old thread of mine. I have to say after using my 1977 B80 tractor this spring and summer I am in love with this old girl. She cuts beautifully pulls like a horse should and purrs like a kitten. I have a pretty steep path that leads down to a lower level of my property where I have my shooting range. This girl climbs up that hill like the Cog Railroad and it just keeps impressing me with it's power. It blows me away that a 40 year old 8hp engine can do what it does. Did I say I love this thing lol. Hope you are all having a great summer.
  11. So I finished up the spindle replacements. I found some older stock Stens units. Got two on Amazon and one on EBay $20 ea. delivered. What a difference. It sounded like a jet nearby before, now can't hear it over the motor. While I had the deck off I decided to coat the underside with some POR-15 I had kicking around. Interested to see how it holds up. Looks like the deck had some custom surgery done to the discharge side. I don't believe they normally neck down like mine is where it discharges. I found a set of nos blades on EBay too had to pay $ 62 clams for them as others were bidding. Also put on the new B80 8 speed decals from Redo your Horse but not shown in this picture.
  12. Thanks for that info Garry. Am I right in thinking my 77 B80 is a long frame. Was that not one of the things they changed in 76-77 as well as the 8 speed vs. 4 speed?
  13. So I have been researching my own question and found this PDF file which lists all the attachments and interchangeability. Thought this was a good find and If someone wants to add this to the brain trust please do so. AA_WH_Interchange wheel horse attachments list.pdf Opps, looks like it is already here on the site. Should have looked more closely.
  14. I have been keeping my eye out for a plow and frame setup for my 77 B80. I have actually seen a couple show up recently on C-list but they all look the same to me. They have no real information in the listing other than saying off of a Wheel Horse. So, question is are they the same other than width of blade ? If not what do I need to know to make sure it will fit my horse. Anything else I need to know about these like frame width/length etc. before I go stepping in it.