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  1. Wow! I just restored a 1276 myself, and I must say, mine looks awful compared to yours. I wish I would have done a similar color scheme. I think I went overboard with the red. Nice horse!
  2. Forgive me is this has beed posted. I have a snow plow for my newly restored 1276, but the blade is pretty rotted. Does anybody know of any manufacturer that makes a suitable substitute that will work? I'd like to just swap the blade if I can. Any help would be appreciated Jeremy
  3. 1276 Transmission HELP Needed

    First off, thank you all for the posts. I have learned a lot from this site! I got the wheels on today and fired her up. She ran flawlessly for about 15 minutes. The transmission issue I am having just seems to be a simple rigging problem as the cam seems to be warn. But none the less the transmission is strong as a bull! Now I need to figure out why my carb started pissing fuel out of the intake, even after a rebuild. Again, thank you all for the helpful insight. I'm happy to be apart of the Wheelhorse community and look to many happy years with my horse! Jeremy
  4. 1276 Transmission HELP Needed

    Hub keys are good. I just replaced the axel seals and installed them the other day. As as for the flush, it seemed to work the same before as it does now.
  5. 1276 Transmission HELP Needed

    After reading through these forums, the first thing I checked was the Tow Valve. It was completely closed, I then opened it and reclosed it to verify. No joy.
  6. I am currently towards the end of a 1276 restoration project, I just got everything back together and sent power to the transmission for the first time. Without the pump on and the gear in neutral, I can spin the axels by hand, one goes one way, the other, the other way, giving me indication that I don't have a differential problem. When I put power to it, everything appears to work as advertised, except when in gear I can stop the Axel from spinning with my hand, little to no resistance. I do have a bit of a rigging problem from worn linkage, but I can move the cam by hand to get it fully in gear. The tow gear in completely closed. Just flushed and filled with fluid. I have not changed the filter. Any idea on why there seems to be no power in the axels??