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  1. Ark loader mount and pump for a D160

    Hi..I'm in new england and lookin for a front pump mount and pump for an ark loader on a D160..thank you.
  2. Ark loader D-160

    Awsome pictures, that'll help alot . I was pulling what little hair I have left out trying to put the puzzle of lines together.looking at each line and trying to match the rust marks to the clips on the boom is very tedious .I will take some pictures tomorrow .. thanks alot
  3. Ark loader D-160

    Hello. I've had alot of different tractors growning up but never messed around with a wheelhorse before. Ok, I had a friend give me a 550 ark loader off a D-160 all stripped down in pieces ,everything but the bucket.I tried to find a tractor to fit it and bought a 1987 418-8 from a municipal auction in mint shape.. I started researching the loader install and found out about the D series tractors..Two days later I traded the 418 for a D-160 ,an awesome score in my eyes..Then spent two more days trying to teach my wife the difference between rust and patina..Now almost done the tractor runs mint and the loader is on it but I need some help on running the hydraulic hoses and the lines. I haven't been able to find a diagram online on where the hoses and steel lines go. Also I have to build a front bucket and was looking to get some info on that also like the thickness of the metal and the width..Thanks in advance. Chip..