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  1. 3 speed 604 wheelhorse

    The one on the left looks pretty much what I have, the on one the right looks good. I have one coming from ebay, if it doesn't work I will buy yours...
  2. I have a 604 tractor with a 3 speed trans, that I'm rebuilding.. I've already replaced the axles, input shaft, and third gear, but also noticed that the reverse idler gear is bad. So I replaced that too. I also noticed that the cluster gear is worn on two gears, and after thinking about it I want to replace it too. Only problem is that I can't find one... There is one on ebay for a 312-8 and the part number for that model is 7269, and the part number for the 604 is 3525... My question is, will the cluster gear on a 312-8 tractor with a part number 7269. Interchange with the 3525 cluster gear on a 604 tractor??? Any help would be highly appreciated...
  3. 604 wheelhorse

    I'm working on a 5046 trans, and need to replace the 3523 input shaft gear. Mine is pretty much wasted, anyone out there know where I can get a new or good used one?
  4. rob

    input shaft 607 wheelhorse
  5. Thank you wheelhorseman 1000, how do I go about purchasing the #3523 gear from you?
  6. I'm working on a 604 wheelhorse tractor, not sure of the year, but I think it's a 1964. The problem I'm having is when I shift it into third gear it pops out, and wont stay engaged. I read some where on this forum that the problem is most likely a worn gear. The part number is that was given to solve the problem is 3523. Anyone have this gear they want to sell?