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  1. Thanks for the diagram. I searched everywhere for mine on the PC but couldn't find it. It would have been so much easier if I photographed it in the first place. To make the patch, I make a paper template of the shape of the rotten metal on the deck, so I can cut out the metal needed from a flat sheet. (Always cut it a bit bigger then I need) then use a flat and ball head hammer and a bag of sand to shape it to the curves as best I can. ( I would usually use a panel beating hammer but couldn't find them. packed away when we moved and still there I think) cut out the bad metal from the deck with angle grinder and air saw to the shape of the paper template, then when the shape is right I'll trim it down to fit the cut out. tack it in, check the line-up and weld all round. And no I haven't done this for years. It just seemed the best way to do it. There is nothing better them hitting some metal with a big hammer to reduce the stress, and if you make something in the process, all the better!
  2. first test today! colour did not turn out quite as they said but they are going to try again. and I think I have put the front cradle mounting bracets on the wrong way round under side with epoxy coating on the body
  3. Brilliant! I thought I would get an answer on here. thanks for the help, and so quikly. It was a bit dark, time I got it back together but here are some pic's of work in progress. turned out to have been some previus patching done! so I cut that out also. just a little patch was needed to the left and a big chunk cut out on the right! shaped up some replacement patches. then welded them in. dress down the welds! treated the rest with Fertan rust converter (brilliant stuff) Ready for painting. I am going to use a two pack epoxy paint (another brilliant product) on the under side. and a red metal coat on top. the suppliers recon they can match the wheel horse colour... if they can match it ok I may restore the whole thing next winter. underside with the fertan treatment.
  4. Hi everyone I have a 312-8 wheel horse over here in the UK. and I have just repaired the mower deck I beleve it is Model: A5-42MS02, as it had become rether ventilated. hole were there should not be holes. On putting back to gether I can ont find if there is a proper way to align the blades. has anyone got an idea how they align or does it not matter? can i just bolt them back on any old how? heres a photo of my wheel horse.