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  1. RM-367 Mower Deck Spindle Gears

    No, Ed, there's no way to adjust the engagement. I measured the teeth on both the driving (cross shaft) gear and the driven (spindle) gear. The driving gear teeth are only 1/4" wide, while the driven gear is 5/8" wide. In any event, I inadvertently flipped one of the spindle gears when re-installing and decided I'd leave it that way to see what, if any, effect it had. Ja, Garry, that (accelerated wear) was something that occurred to me too. But, as you can see by my reply to Ed, above, I left one gear as originally fitted but inadvertently flipped the other one. But it's been 50 years now. I'm almost 75. I figure that if the mower deck lasts another 5 years it will have served me well. Don't know if I'll rehabilitate it again.
  2. In the process of replacing the spindle bearings on my RM-367 mower deck, I got to thinking about the gears that drive 'em. As you can see in the image, the teeth are well worn, but only where they mesh with the cross-shafts teeth. I'm wondering if there's any point in turning the gears over to engage the un-worn teeth. But the cross-shaft gears have also worn in similar to the teeth on the spindle gears. I'd appreciate anyone's opinion on the advisability of turning the gears over. I'm neither a collector nor a restorer, but am the original owner of my 1967 Model 857 tractor. It just might be the best made piece of equipment that I've ever owned. Solidly built. The Kohler engine has been ultra-reliable. I've never even had the head off it. Points, plug, carb cleaned, air filter replacement - that's about all I've ever done, yet it starts at one turn of the ignition switch. In addition to mowing, I've also got a snow blower and mid-mounted grader blade, and a home-made trailer hitch for dragging my wood splitter around. Thanks all. (BTW it looks like Toro wants $116/each for these gears. Not in my budget.)
  3. Balancing mower blades w/o round center hole

    Thanks, Ed. I don't know why I tend to over-think problems like this. I didn't have a knife handy but did have an old wide blade chisel that worked as well.
  4. I just replaced the spindle bearings in my RM-367 mower deck. I have a new set of OEM mower blades, but I'm wondering if anyone has found a good way to balance these blades that do not have a round center hole in them.