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  1. 91 520 H starting question

    Garry, glad you found it.i was thinking it never came on tractor to begin with.have power to everything except wires going to coil. i got to fuse panel and found 2 wires that were taped together so i took them apart. i turned the key and nothing .twisted them together engine cranked over fine.ran a third wire with them and touched coil ,tractor started and runs fine.will look at color of 2 wires and let you know what they are. put everything back together went to start it and nothing but a real faint click.i found it coming from top of dash where all the safety light are. i taped it on back side tractor started.drove it around for hour everything good. have to figure out how to get cover off back of light harness in dash.called dealer in town and the have to order condenser. thanks again Jerry
  2. 91 520 H starting question

    Garry, yes the condenser goes to + side of coil.i don't see any mention off it in wiring detail.i would like to replace it if i can find a part # since it has bare wire coming out of it. I found 30 amp fuse blown . checked around lot of the things yesterday other then condenser and fuse didn't find much, when i use a jump wire from battery to coil fires right up. would it run if coil or module was bad? noticed low oil pressure light flashing when i turn key on and all the lights come on then go out but it keeps flashing till engine starts. it always has done that.looking for ideas. thanks for every ones help. Jerry
  3. 91 520 H starting question

    i will try that. i did see the condenser wire is bare coming out of condenser if that makes any difference.
  4. never any problems starting in past. went to start it today and it will only start with jumper wire from battery to coil. runs fine. could coil be bad? couldn't get engine harness apart yet but that is next. what do you think?
  5. 520h rear hub removal

    ok thanks i will tap it a little and use PB BLASTER
  6. looks like i can tap it with a hammer.also do i tap it back on?
  7. small die hose running through frame under engine?

    looks like you are right on battery tray 953. .thanks for the help.the hose was just hanging there. took the Air Horse for a ride today.took awhile getting use to driving from the top of hood. also in Navy 8 1/2 years. Jerry
  8. hose runs through rt side frame rail under engine coming out lf side frame rail with both ends looking up. one end looks like it slid over vac type fitting .other side looks like it is left open. looked around under engine but didn't see where it goes. factory holes in both rail's across from each other. 91 520 H 20hp engine
  9. Airplane tug

    Jaws, what can you tell me about operating the air horse.besides flat ground , what about little grassy hills?
  10. drive belt?

    1991 520H changing drive belt. do i need to remove engine or fan pully to do this?
  11. hydro drain plug

    time to get dirty again. took all the panels off and power washed almost everything except the very bottom.time for some diesel fuel on a rag and finish the job.thanks Jeff
  12. 91 520 hydro drain plug location?
  13. 520 h fuel line ?

    Thanks for picture Jeff. where does the engine vac hose come from that works pump? i have small hose coming out of bottom of air cleaner.i noticed that the air deflector above carb is missing also. would you know the thread size for 3 screws that go in to carb for deflector.i guess i can put the screws in anyway
  14. 520 h fuel line ?

    replacing fuel line from carb that was cut near little rectangle box on upper left side of engine.does line coming from tank go in to bottom and out the top of this box ? 91 520 H 20 HP Onan. box has 2 ports on top is other port for small hose coming out of air cleaner?
  15. 91- 520h hydro fluid

    good info Jeff.