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  1. 2017 Steam-O- Rama Pictures

    Thanks for the great pictures Ed, I will have a few to post here soon just haven’t had any time. Are you going to be there today ?
  2. Steam O Rama Windsor pa

    Hopfully I will see some of you guys there, i am taking my 753 and my little huffy rider up, would take my c-81 too but having some transmission trouble.
  3. Steam O Rama Windsor pa

    anyone going to make it to this, I will be there Wednesday setting up my tractors and Thursday after school Friday after school and all day Saturday and Sunday. Hope to see a few of you guys there, it’s a great little show with plenty to see, I definitely recoment going, I have been going since 2008.
  4. Axle seals

    Ok, thanks, Does this look right there is know item description so I am not sure if it’s the right size or not, if it is though price seems pretty good, what do you guys think
  5. Axle seals

    Does this look like it would fit ?
  6. Axle seals

    Ok, thanks for info !
  7. Axle seals

    Hi, I need three one inch axle seals for my wheel horses and wondering where you get them because I can’t find the and where. Does any one have any links or website names for me to try, thanks for any info in advance
  8. Wheel horse 754

    Thanks for info, I will keep you guys posted when I get it. Thanks robbie
  9. Wheel horse 754

    I know they only made 421 of the wheel horse 754 but how much are they actually worth, I have an opportunity to buy one soon and I am definitely going to jump on it I am just wondering how good of a deal I will be getting. The guy is my friend and has been good to me so I am not going to negotiate the price, he wants $150 for it and it has the original 7hp kohler on and has rear ag tires. It used to run but he says prolly will need some work now what you guys think, I will not be getting it for a month or to because have to save up for it but am definitely going to buy it ! In pic it has extra hood on top and no seat in picture but it has one.
  10. Happy Birthday WHX12

    And nice new horse hauler !
  11. 2017 Rough and tumble kinzers pa 69th annual show

    You really have to be there to understand stand how spectacular it is but I will show you a few pics, I would also say Friday I see the best day to go. They also have an amazing flee market there with garden tractors and parts, tools and everything else. even though they are know for steam tractors they have Avery thing else as well including garden tractors, the video is a little peek at what they have there and I mean little
  12. 2017 Rough and tumble kinzers pa 69th annual show

    I ill get some pictures in a minute.
  13. Raines action

    Hello everyone, I was wondering how many people are going to Raines action in September, it looks amazing it would prolly be pretty hard to leave with out a trailer full of horses or what ever other brands you like because they have it all there. Just wondering who all is going on here I’m sure there has to be a few of you, I live and york pa and would love to go but my parents truck can’t make the hike she is just a little to old to go on adventures like that any more ! For who ever is going I hope you get some good deals and leave with a trailer full!
  14. Hey just wondering who’s going to make it to the kinzers tractor show this year it starts this Wednesday, It is a great show I plan to be there Wednesday to Friday and can’t what to go up. The featured brand this year is all construction equipment. The amount of tractors they bring in there always amazes me and I am sure you will see something you have never seen before there ! Hope to see a few people there let me know if you can make it ?
  15. Hung my new sign up

    Very cool sign looks great, it looks amazing when it is lit up !