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    C81,753,snow plow,snow blower,42"mower deck, parts and some engines.
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    York Pennsylvania and Felton pennsylvania
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  1. My favorite color......

    Wheel horse makes it red paints it, just kidding
  2. Barn find 854

    Great find, has a really nice patina. I really like that Toyota fj in the back ground of the second picture as well.
  3. New to me kohler k241s

    IT has a mount for a gravely but the mount is removable so it should work on the horse
  4. New to me kohler k241s

    Yeah thanks, hopefully I can get it running with minimal work. The starter seems okay as well and should hopefully work but if it doesn’t I have an extra.
  5. snow tires on front of 753

    Like the the tires. I have a 753 and love it, only disappointing thing about it is I don’t have the original 7hp kohler. Am gonna put an kohler 8hp in it though.
  6. New to me kohler k241s

    Went to an auction on Friday and picked up a kohler k241s. I thought it would go expensive but I ended up getting it for only $3 which I was very excited about. It is missing the carb, coil, condenser and air cleaner and housing. Luckily I have all of the things it is missing. The flywheel wasn’t turning the best so I took the shroud of and found a surprise, looks like not just humans like kohler. Hoping to get it running eventually and maybe pop it into my c-81. I took the fuel pump off and it seems to work okay, luckily.
  7. Red Square 2018 Calendar Project

    My 1963 753 My 1978 c-81 eight speed
  8. Wheel horse plethora

    I wish the best of luck with your new shop, hopefully I can get up there soon
  9. The 81 d160

    Looks great! By the time your finished your garage floor will permanently be red.
  10. Wheel horse plethora

    Sorry to hear about the bad luck, I really want to get up to your shop soon. to
  11. Which horse is your favorite

    Sorry to here, hopefully all turns out well, and hopefully you and and farmer Alex can make it to the big show next year. I’m already looking forwards to it
  12. Good Day From Wellsville, NY

  13. Which horse is your favorite

    I love the fuel tank on your d200 big red Fred, very unique. does it affect your line of vision at all? Don’t let that gas can sit in the sun for to long or else there will be a big boom and some
  14. Which horse is your favorite

    I also like the c series, my c-81 is great, powerful for an 8 horse