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  1. Snowfall

    By the end of the day yesterday we had about 14-15” of snow. Nothing a two stage snow cannon can’t handle though.
  2. Tractor to run tiller

    , as stated before I also think the 8 speed trans is better for tilling. As much as I like the c series tractors the 312 will prolly be the better option.
  3. Today's Haul!

    Great haul, looks like you will have some fun going thru that stuff.
  4. 2018 Airville, Pa. Mud Sale

    Always seem to miss you at these auctions and tractor shows. I bought the kohler with the broken crank for $13 and a supposedly running 14hp kohler for $45. All of the big block kohlers went for under $50, all worth picking up but I don’t need more projects. I might post a thread about the kohlers. I’m going down to our farm this afternoon and will snap some photos.
  5. Happy Birthday Fred

  6. 2018 Airville, Pa. Mud Sale

    The airville mud sale is great. I was there all day and managed to spend $100 . I bought two big block kohlers today for very cheap and a few other fun things. Seemed like at mid day half of York county was at the sale but there were still good prices. Sadly only one wheel horse at the sale. It was a b-82 vertical shaft it went for $13 missing engine with the deck, good price but I don’t really like the vertical shafts so I had to pass on it.
  7. Trying to ID this tractor - any ideas?

    definitely a Power King. I have never owned one but they look like nice tractors.
  8. Wheel Horse RJ

    Very nice find. Hopefully you can bring it back from the dead.
  9. Almost had one

    Or 5 more
  10. NJTOM's 701

    awesome looking tractor, I really like the paint.
  11. Almost had one

    I have been watching that 1054 on eBay for about a week now. It is really close to me and it was a great deal but I have 3 unrunning wheel horses and another all torn apart so I just can’t buy another one right now. I definitely really want to get a 1054 or 953 in the future though. @19richie66 sorry to hear bout your computer freezing. I was hoping someone on RS would get the 1054 but oh well.
  12. What's In Your Mirror?

    Yes sir, hopefully I don’t run into any major problems
  13. What's In Your Mirror?

    Picked this one up today. Hoping to have it running and driving for the big show.
  14. Help with new addition

    Since it has the kohler k161 it is defiantly a 753. The 753 is a great machine with the strong little kohler to power it. I’m rebuilding the engine on my 753 currently and can’t wait to put it back together. Have fun with your project.