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  1. This weekends haul

    You sure do come across some nice buys Dell
  2. Looks like you may need a new dash. Maybe you can just get a few more stricker plates to hold the other stuff on. By the way nice haul.
  3. 2018 Little Guys Show

    Here I also have two more pics I forgot about. First picture one is almost everyone that plowed, second is me on the case. I know, it’s not a horse, I think you guys can get over it though.
  4. What's In Your Mirror?

    Well I officially have a problem. Picked up another one today, I couldn’t resist the price . I don’t know the model but it was almost free so I just bought it anyway. I will do some research later tonight.
  5. This weekends haul

    Ok, thanks. Keep me posted.
  6. This weekends haul

    Nice haul @dells68, I really like the two 754s. Will you be selling the Brinly plow? If so I am definitely interested for the right price.
  7. 2018 Little Guys Show

    Today was the plowing contest at the show. There were 11 total people. I used one of Bob Rentzels case tractors. It was my first plowing competition but I did pretty well. Next year I will have a wheel horse put together for plowing, but the case was a good tractor to start on. Here are a few pics of the plots afterwords and Bobs rig that I used.
  8. 2018 Big Show Buy/Sell/Trade Thread HERE!!

    I have some miscellaneous parts. Hood and fenders coast $15 each every thing else is $10 a piece. The hood has the headlights in it. The running boards are sold together so it’s $10 for the pair. Let me know if you see anything you want.
  9. I would like to get into some competitive plowing with a wheel horse. I have a few ideas of models I could use but I would like some other opinions. I could also do some customizing to a tractor to make a model work better. Let me know your opinions!
  10. 2018 Little Guys Show

    I’m only takin one tractor but it’s locked and loaded. I’m gonna take it over tomorrow.
  11. Kohler k321 (14hp) added pics

    Changed Status to Closed
  12. 2018 Big Show Buy/Sell/Trade Thread HERE!!

    I will be bringing a commando 8 roller to the show. The tins are all very nice and it has original paint. Would be a great canadate to wet sand. All of the major parts are there. The seat is in decent condition but does have a few small tears. Has original wheel horse rubber on the rear. $75 takes it. Even include original barn dust Also includes the belt guard. SOLD!!!
  13. 2018 Big Show Buy/Sell/Trade Thread HERE!!

    What engine are they for ?
  14. Two older Horses at work

    Just if you could get the FEL out , those two horses look like they have another 50+ years of energy
  15. First Haul of 2018

    With the kohler engine and those tires that thing will fling dirt across the whole pulling track.
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