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  1. hello there

    looking fowards to following your resto threads

    Thanks @Vinylguy! Once I find a picture I will pm you.
  3. Push it, blow it or ride over it.

    Im a little scared of that exhaust wonder what engine is in there?
  4. It’s safe to say that transmission is pretty much shot.
  5. Kohler magnum 8

    Changed Status to Closed
  6. Well......You Tell Me What It Is.....

    You’d need ear phones to drive the thing. Prolly takes an an acre to to a 180 degree turn
  7. RED fuel shut off

    Mine does or maybe it doesn’t start at all
  8. Wheel Horse brake band

  9. Kohler magnum 8

    For sale is a kohler magnum 8. The engine came out of an 308 eight speed. I haven’t tested the engine and suspect it need some work to run. The P.O. said the fuel tank leaks at the grommet but I’m not sure. The engine is as is because it is missing a few things and has not been tested. The engine isn’t locked up it turns free. PM me or email with any questions I will try to get back to you as soon as possible. The only thing the engine appears to be missing is the air cleaner assembly but there may be more as I have not done much work on the magnum series kohler.
  10. What is it????

    Looks to me like an old power king tractor. Has a great patina. The early power kings were alike to the seniors I’d say see if it’s for sale the early power kings are hard to find and are worth a lot of cash
  11. 754

  12. 1973 8hp?

    or it’s sitting in a grove of maple trees so in the fall it gets dumped with leaves. That would explain why it’s buried but it still looks like it’s been outside for a while for more than one summer.
  13. Brillion GT 6

    Very cool tractor, never herd of Brillion before.
  14. Super C

    I’d love to own me a nice c-195
  15. 754