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  1. 72 gt 14 pto clutch

    Battery is ok. it doesn't have a problem starting ever. I have a Fluke multimeter just calibrated maybe two months ago so i know i'm good there. I have 12v to the hot side of the pto switch. when i engage it, only 5.5 or so volts come out going to the clutch. I couldn't wait this morning and ended up jumper wiring from battery positive straight to the clutch and WE HAVE MOVEMENT! gonna go with i need me a new switch! just very confusing when i had 14 volts coming to the clutch while the engine was running. Electrical..😤 Does anyone know of a new switch that will exactly fit or do i need to look used? thank you all!
  2. 72 gt 14 pto clutch

    thanks! will try that as soon as i'm off today. does anyone make new switches that will fit and look original?
  3. 72 gt 14 pto clutch

    Correction- with the engine off, switch in run. I only have 5.5 or so volts coming to the pto clutch where i think i need about 8 or so...i have 12.3 volts at the pto switch. am i losing too much voltage through the switch and it needs replaced as well? Thank you guys for all your help
  4. 72 gt 14 pto clutch

    i do have a Fluke multimeter, calibrated by Fluke just a few months ago
  5. 72 gt 14 pto clutch

    The ignition switch is Off, Run, and Crank which is spring loaded back to run. also, there is no fuse in line with the Pto. I have 14V when engaged. clutch coil resistance is 3 ohms. not sure where else to go other than checking the air gap previously stated above
  6. 72 gt 14 pto clutch

    with the engine off, switch in run. i engage the pto switch and i have nothing. no movement, no sound
  7. 72 gt 14 pto clutch

    I have a reading of 3.0 ohms with the clutch coil and 14V at the plug when the pto switch is engaged. I dont see any movement at all nor do i hear a click but its also fairly loud
  8. 72 gt 14 pto clutch

    Ive got a 72 gt14 with an electric clutch that i cant seem to get engaged. just recently acquired the tractor and previous owner had the clutch apart with a break in the wiring. I ordered a new (used) clutch from az tractors on here. I have voltage coming to the clutch (14V) and continuity through the clutch itself. What am i missing here? any help is appreciated thanks! 72 gt 14 1 0502 7 897061
  9. Looking for Unidrive bearing 1526

    does JD 9870 work as well? found a page or two that said it was a replacement for 1526. is this correct?
  10. Looking for Unidrive bearing 1526

    Does anyone have the part number from Motion or McMaster Carr for this toro 1526 bearing?
  11. 1975 d160

    haha it's all good i'll take some pictures tomorrow! it's a slotted hole that bolts underneath the frame. FEL is an Ark manufacturing . backhoe is brantly mfg. more pics to follow, as well as the trans rebuild!
  12. 1975 d160

    the backhoe has a separate pump!@Texas Todd
  13. 1975 d160

    i am looking for 4-19 part number 101696. The inside where the axle goes through is a bit chewed up where it twisted. i second guessed trying to smooth it up but i'd much rather have new/like new. i'm not positive how much it would mess with the tolerances. thank you! @daveoman1966
  14. 1975 d160

    So I am new to the wheelhorse game, however I stumbled upon a D160 with a loader and backhoe that I couldn't pass up. After just a few dollars spent I got it running. all hydraulics work, but the tractor wouldn't move. Found axle shaft broken on the drivers side. Dropped the backhoe off and dropped the transmission. Split the case and found all the carnage... 2 needle bearings fell apart, a differential bolt was sheared off in two places. The half of the differential where the axle shaft broke off in was pretty tore up. Finding parts is my biggest issue so far. I've found the axle seals and needle bearings, however the differential seems more difficult. Is there any place anyone is getting parts from that I'm missing? Any help is appreciated. Pictures to follow! jeff